Follow has started a new initiative to start an open source specialization curriculum at Brandeis University. They're hiring (for money) open source experts to teach.

Reference Patrick Mason of

"Required: Master’s Degree"
Welp, I'm out :P I don't think I would have quite qualified anyways/had time. I would like to teach someday, but I knew that dropping out would have some limitations formalized teaching/more bureaucratic institutions.

@zaclittleberry oh I never pay attention to those requirement lines. Heck, I [may or may not have] dropped out of high school but I've had plenty of teaching gigs, one at an accredited organization (as you know)

@klaatu Yeah, but I just assumed that accredited org was too dysfunctional to enforce any sort of requirements [update, they are still V. dysfunctional, outside looking in]. Maybe that's my own imposter syndrome sneaking in since I was allowed to fill in teach. lol. In this specific case I also lack actual OSS experience; despite working at an org supposedly having a large hand in it. One of my projects did get OSed after I left though. hah.

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