@FiftyOneFifty Well, friend, I've heard you've left this mortal coil. I'm in shock, but I guess you're at peace. The irony of your multiplying hearses is not lost upon me, and your twisted sense of humour is appreciated still.

You'll be missed.

@klaatu @FiftyOneFifty I googled it but only found the RIP marked on his HPR page. What happened and when. I've not listened to HPR for a long time. And I first met Fifty back in the LinuxBasics days through the podcast and Doortodoorgeek.


@unklebonehead @FiftyOneFifty I have no information and no real way to confirm beyond what I've heard from others. I woke up this morning half expecting 5150 to have replied to my post, telling me there'd been a mistake. Oh well.

Quite the unpleasant surprise.

@klaatu Yeah it is. I saw your post and went searching. I havent hit Doortodoorgeek up yet to see if he knew what.

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