@FiftyOneFifty Well, friend, I've heard you've left this mortal coil. I'm in shock, but I guess you're at peace. The irony of your multiplying hearses is not lost upon me, and your twisted sense of humour is appreciated still.

You'll be missed.

@klaatu @FiftyOneFifty I googled it but only found the RIP marked on his HPR page. What happened and when. I've not listened to HPR for a long time. And I first met Fifty back in the LinuxBasics days through the podcast and Doortodoorgeek.

@unklebonehead @FiftyOneFifty I have no information and no real way to confirm beyond what I've heard from others. I woke up this morning half expecting 5150 to have replied to my post, telling me there'd been a mistake. Oh well.

Quite the unpleasant surprise.

@klaatu Yeah it is. I saw your post and went searching. I havent hit Doortodoorgeek up yet to see if he knew what.

@klaatu @FiftyOneFifty I found out on Friday from @hinbody on . Left me shocked and devastated. Still can't believe it. May he rest in peace. 😔

@klaatu @FiftyOneFifty Wow. He wasn't very old, was he?

I wonder how anyone on fedi or hpr would ever find out if I died.

@clacke @FiftyOneFifty I've thought the same thing, recently. I'm seriously thinking about a dead man's switch setup.

@klaatu @clacke @FiftyOneFifty As have I. I guess that's the price of doing business when your friends are not exclusively local.

@klaatu @FiftyOneFifty

I will miss 5150 going on about anything and everything on LinuxLugCast. A wealth of knowledge will be missed.
Though not known in 'real life', he sounded like someone easy to get along with and fun loving. And those hearsts... he had some great ideas. I hope someone here can take them over.

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