hrm.... #poe on ps4, doom/2/3 on ps4..... looks like I'm getting more and more reasons to pick up a ps4....... or maybe I'll just save that money and sink it into more TB's

@cobra2 Every time I think about buying a PlayStation, I hear rumours that the next one is just around the corner. And sure enough, Sony's hinting at PS5 now.

I guess before I look at the current and next gen consoles, I really really need to get my PS3 from where I stashed it in the US...

Does it run OtherOS?

I've got 3 in the garage that do. I've never played a game on the ps3 itself. I was thinking of selling them for parts.
@klaatu and of course sony is going to play the 'get ready for the console of the future' card as much as possible. They have to build a hype train to sell their dang hardware. For me, I refuse to buy consoles unless they have exactly the game that I want to play. As well as the features I'll need without having to hack together a crazy solution.

* Diablo II-esque ARPG
* retro console emulation. (yeah, probably will require hacking)
* play MY dvd/bluray rips via kodi/plex/emby/or something.

@cobra2 Yep, good policy. I avoided the PS4 because I was angry that it had no backwards compatibility. But since then, Steam on Linux has solved most of my gaming requirements. Now I'm really only looking at a PS4 (or 5?) for co-op stuff with my partner.

@cobra2 No, I wasn't quick enough. I figured I had plenty of time to dual boot it, and then woke up one morning to the news that Sony had disabled the feature and was being sued in a class action lawsuit. I think some lawyer somewhere actually owes me $21 or whatever it was.

Anyway, I bought it to actually play games, so I wasn't really too upset.

@klaatu speaking of games.

Grinding Gear Games is a local indie game maker to you. They are based in NZ. They make Path of Exile. Check it out if you love the arpg genre.

Game runs in wine ><. Not a Linux native binary. But I'd pay for it.

I secretly have a windows install just for playing this game when wine breaks. But shhhh don't tell anyone

@cobra2 I did't realise they were NZ-based. Crazy!

I'll check it out. I've heard from @garpu that it's pretty great. I think she plays it on Slackware.

WINE and Proton have been treating me pretty well (Bioshock Enhanced editions notwithstanding, but it's definitely getting me and my partner through Harry Potter Lego pretty nicely).


I play on gentoo. Gentoo manages wine so well.
I've also used:
* an ubuntu chroot
* an ubuntu install ><
* debian
* arch (what a horrible idea that was), that was difficult to manage broke with every kernel update. systemd is hell.
* Slackware - I had to pull in too many things manually and keep them updated myself. I'd like to know how @garpu is managing their install. Is it slackware-current or slackware? I was trying to use slackware-12 at the time.
* freebsd - currently not working, but working on getting it working seeing as that's currently my daily driver.

@cobra2 @klaatu OH yeah. I play on Slackware and I've played a hell of a lot of Path of Exile. I was on slackware 14.2, but am now on current because of some hardware changes. I've used both proton and wine-staging, and I don't think I needed to install anything out of the ordinary to get it to work. (DXVK and python 3 for proton on 14.2.)

@cobra2 @klaatu Current I just needed dxvk, if using wine-staging.

@cobra2 @klaatu Proton and Path of Exile Just Work Out of the Box these days. :)

@garpu @klaatu
well that's just bloody fantastic! My machine is a potato. t430s intel/nvidia optimus.

you still playing this league? if so, we should party up.

@cobra2 @klaatu Off and on, yeah. I need to invest in some better gear, though. Still got a 4-link chest. Intel's better these days, I'm told. (nvidia here, so the potentially outdated mesa in 14.2 isn't an issue.) I did also have to install the vulkan sdk for 14.2, so I could compile WINE.

@garpu @klaatu

I was looking into proton this morning. Does proton work with the standalone version of poe or just the steam version?

I've always used standalone. Never had a reason to do the steam thing.

@cobra2 @garpu i dont know, as i have bot yet played PoE (at least not that PoE; I do play Pillars of Eternity).

I imagine it requires steam. But i dunno.

@klaatu @garpu speaking specifically towards the proton software. Is it just a steam client for Linux or a tuned generic wine wrapper that uses known good wine configs from valve?

@cobra2 @garpu afaik, it's wine with valve adjustments. No clue what that means, as i have yet to look at the code (which available on Github)

@klaatu @cobra2 If memory serves, proton is based upon codeweaver's WINE with tweaks.

@cobra2 @garpu oh yeah and it ships with steam, it's not a client itself. So you can install the usual Linux steam bin, opt in to Steam Play, and .exe files in your library show as playable thru Steam Play.

@klaatu @cobra2 You can install the standalone one via proton, but I'm not entirely sure how.

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