Sad that .org is dead?

I'm up to 17,723 scraped images, and I've dumped it into Hugo and put it online. Not the best solution, better than a dead site.

Mirror this content. Redistribute. Share.

@klaatu can you put the sites source code on GitHub or any other site like GitLab or ? then others can create other solutions like #IPFS site or torrent

@davidak @klaatu I'd gladly help put the content on IPFS and make sure it stays available

@swedneck @davidak So, it's technically on Gitlab here:

But sadly the Hugo frontend fails to build on Gitlab's CI/CD infrastructure.. my only guess is that > 17k files is their upper limit...

Still, the SVG sources are there, so somebody could clone it and replicate what I'm running on and I'm pushing all updates to both my instance and Gitlab.

@klaatu @davidak hmm, i've put the page on ipfs (QmT2TB8mLm4PV8q3wp9Yy2H6hD3crnpHZrowZ37JB4bxhx) but it just redirects to
Is it possible to fix this and make all links relative so the site is easier to mirror?


@swedneck @davidak Fixed it so it's relative. And thank you!!!

@klaatu @davidak The fix doesn't seem to have showed up on git, did you forget to push?

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