OK, here's 10,882 open clip art images lovingly scraped from the recesses of to tide people over while .com is down.

Mirror this content. Redistribute. Spread this around. Do not repeat the mistake of having a single repository for this stuff.


@cobra2 well actually you gave me the idea. I was going to ty to upload it to gitlab originally...a 3gb git repo...not the best idea I've ever had...

@klaatu imho, make an rss feed with torrents in the container. As you add new files, make a new torrent. Distribute torrent. Seeds will follow for the archivist folks out there.

@clacke @cobra2 Good to know. Maybe I *will* put thhis stuff into Gitlab. The files themselves are generally pretty small. It's just that there are 10k of them...

@klaatu Couldn’t you have just pulled from the Debian/Ubuntu snapshot packages?

@alpacaherder it looks like that package is only 24mb? My scrape is about 3GB, but I'll take a look at it because it may have stuff i didn't get. Thanks!

@klaatu @alpacaherder

Does that mean there isn't any mirror infrastructure for that? I wonder why...

@klaatu btw, do you know that Debian comes with a package of cliparts taken from… It's a limited selection, but already mirrored around.

@valhalla @alpacaherder Thanks both for letting me know. I grabbed the openclipart SVG package from Debian and added it.

There's now 17723 clip arts rescued from 's untimely demise.

I hope to commit it all to Gitlab when I have the bandwidth.

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