@mairin I'm so excited about the Fedora redesign!! No more closed source font and no more "if you hate facebook so much, how come you're wearing their logo?" questions. I'm all in.

@klaatu @mairin Is this a new effort after the IBM announcement or something started before?

@Jason_Dodd @mairin I saw indicators that we might be making headway on a Fedora logo redesign well before I heard about IBM. I heard people *wanting* to redesign it, I think, pretty much since 2008....? (mostly over the font, at that time; it was pre-Facebook-logo clobber)

@mairin @klaatu These types of design points are mostly lost on me but I value your opinions and will trust you on this and be on the lookout for the redesign.

@mairin @klaatu
Ok. I've read about the redesign. It still escapes but but I'm for free fonts.

@captainepoch @klaatu The current logo uses Bryant. The proposed one uses Comfortaa.

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