Is there an open source POS (point of sale) system out there? Last time I set one up, there was something called LIME POS (or something like that) but it seems to not be around any more.

Use case: looking to set up a POS for an anarchist infoshop.

@klaatu lemme know if you find something, I think we might see more use for this case in the coming years in my organizing

@klaatu Odoo has a Point of Sale app:

If this piques your interest, check out the Odoo Community Association:

A great integrator to work with is Eficent, based in Barcelona:

@klaatu C3 uses something like that, see c3cashdesk on github.

@klaatu @schmittlauch

On our lan party were using this with a 22" touch screen

I used it also one time with a Barcode scanner and EAN Barcodes.
Worked perfect.

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