People who license their work using CC give their creativity to the community.

Those who leverage that content give respect to its creator.

Remixers give a different perspective to an original work.

Teachers give quality resources to their students.

Scientists give ideas to each other.



And people using CC to do creative work give money to Adobe.

@MrRaptor no! they use :inkscape: Inkscape and :gimp: GIMP and Darktable and Kdenlive and Blender and UbuntuStudio


@luka @MrRaptor Strangely, Adobe's primary suite is called "Creative Cloud" and gets abbreviated as CC, hence [probably] the confusion.

It's really annoying, especially since Creative Commons predates the Adobe Creative Cloud. You'd think Adobe would not clobber that namespace, to avoid confusion. Unless they saw some benefit to enabling the confusion, like when someone does a search for "CC art" or "CC music" or whatever, and gets a bunch of Adobe ads in response...

@klaatu @MrRaptor also searching "CC art" on DuckDuckGo does not give me any Adobe results. "cc music" gives me creative Commons as the second hit.

I assume by 'searching' you meant googling.
I know majority of folks still use windows and Google and Facebook, but people should really think what they use and why.



@luka @MrRaptor I actually was referring to Deviant Art searches, specifically, but obviously different people's results will vary with most Internet searches, regardless of engine.

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