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notklaatu @klaatu

My partner about the current state of tech: "My 'digital natives' and my mom both believe the same thing about 'hackers'."

People aren't born into understanding technology. It's a learned skill.

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There's an implied "We have to teach them." at the end of that post.

@klaatu Some people, by the time they begin to learn tech, already have talent. I don't know whether it's native or subtly learned early on but there are indisputably those who Get It and those who Do Not.

Sure, some people get it. But that doesn't mean others can't learn. And I'd argue that even those who Get It have much to learn. You don't just gut gifted with years of experience even if you are hacking in C at age 9.

@klaatu Certainly learning still matters, but those kids are the talented ones I was talking about.