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notklaatu @klaatu

Hey, have any one of you in Mastodon land had a good experience with a cross-platform Lua GUI framework? I'm not looking for LMGTFY, looking for a review of something you have used in real life.

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@klaatu I used Corona Game Engine for a farm related productivity App and It's been a very smooth experience. Some things like mapping and input are limited tho. Like I had to make my own number entry screen.

Thanks! I'm using love for games, I'm looking to see if something for desktop apps exists. I mean non-game apps. I'm starting to think IUP is all, and that doesn't look super commonly used. Might end up packaging it myself.

@kensanata @klaatu I ported Emacs to LÖVE and use that for a gui toolkit in most of my Lua development:

Useful for non-games, but probably not for anything that's going to be used by a non-emacs-user.

Looks like tekUI and luce are worth looking at:

Interesting, worth looking at:

All of these are in luarocks, too, for easy installation on Linux.

SUIT, Luce, and TekUI running with Lua 5.1 on Slackware.