I can hear it now. In 6 years, people are gonna tell me Microsoft is a kind and benevolent company because look at how when they bought Github, Gitlab also benefited from all the fallout.

Just like, ya know, Bill Gates is a pioneer of Home Computing because he got a computer in every home by way of a monopoly, and Steve Jobs is a visionary because he imposed his proprietary rigidity on generations til people bought into it.

@klaatu remember PenOS (
It was remarkable I have been told, but never gained big following. Because 1992 when it was released, another product (half-baked and never really supported) was released too (

@tuturto I'd never heard of it. Fascinating! And now to waste the rest of the evening reading ALL ABOUT IT.

@klaatu It's not wasted time if you call it research

Heck I couldn't convince my old job that spending grands and grands on Macs and Adobe would drive them to an early fiscal grave. And just look at them now....


Do you think that, in another universe where you stayed with them, and convinced them to switch to FOSS, that it would have been enough? Or was their deafness to the issue indicative of other management problems? They try to sound upbeat in the article, but it's not hard to see they were hemorrhaging money.

@lostnbronx Yeah, there was a huge cultural problem there and the tech stuff was only a small symptom of their unwillingness to adapt or innovate.


That's too bad -- especially among artists and creative types.

So many are like that, though. I mean, I even see it in myself. I'm comfortable with my tools, and I don't want to change unless I have to. It's not a healthy mindset, over time.


I get an error on the page that says "error searching for ads"

I like it...
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