Starting off well! I forgot my wallet and had to ask the Uber driver to turn around. Haha. Now I have a new driver to the airport.

@ihabunek Trying to install Toot on my server. Toot works fine, I think, but TUI is borked. Followed the Debian Apt steps 😞 Any ideas?

I’m really loving México City. What a cool place.

Tried to quiz my aviation friends on what aircraft I was on today by only showing nose and upper half. Some got it right, but it looks similar to the 767 as well. Answer was 757. #aviation #boeing #757 #flightattendant
Does this look ok? I feel like it should be all white. The Pixelfed logo is grayscale. Any ideas?

Having a hard time trying to figure out how the verification for profile metadata works. 😭

Beautiful day to fly, well sort of. It’s nice until you get to the NE of USA. Haha. #crewlife #flightattendant

Good morning. I am off to Boston today, and then NYC. If I don’t get stuck there tonight because of the snow, I’ll hopefully be in St Lucia the following day. Wish me luck.

@pixelfed you guys have no place to put backup 2FA codes in case we don’t have access to 2FA on original device. I have no way to access my account on but have my backup codes. So what’s the next step?

Getting a lot of followers on here for some reason. lol

I would love to sleep, but lost too much sleep pressure this afternoon blobbing around in bed. So, I’m just listening to StarTalk.

I’m sad about people putting any little thing they think others won’t like in CW. I’ll never see it. My eyes are trained to skip any box that has a content warning. I don’t know why, but I’ll never click it. Haha.

I’m done being the initiator. If you can’t take the time to say hello then we aren’t really friends. I am always the person to start the convo. Flight attendant life.

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