Still patiently waiting for a Pixelfed iOS app. Will definitely fill it with my travel photos. Probably not much different from the browser version, guess it's mental, ha.

I love my job, but it's not the same. It's no longer hospitality. It's babysitting. A lot of FAs already felt that way, but I truly loved getting to know the pax and provide a good service. Now it's social distance, wait for call light, walk-thrus to make sure pax are wearing their mask. Don't get me started on the handling of masks. People are ignorant, or just don't care. They don't think it will get them. It's a damn shame.

It's 26°C (79°F) and Clear in Miami, FL. 2 days since my last flight and day 2 of self-quarantine. Well, that was a day I’ll likely never remember. おやすみなさい

I don’t know, Earl Gray tea with oat milk was a bad idea just now.

This American Heroes Channel sure shows a lot of Nazi and Hitler shit.... is getting pretty outdated, not sure why the admin isn't updating it. Maybe it's not an easy feat.

Coworker died of Covid-19. I can’t believe they are still making us fly. Such bullshit.

Had the opportunity to watch John Mayer on Gentle Hour. Was fun and relaxing. He talked a lot about anxiety and how he deals with it during this crisis. Maybe it can help someone here, also a few laughs.

My flights for the rest of the month are still go, so that is good. Airlines are considered and essential industry so we are exempt from the work-from-home rules. I know, stupid. Rest assured, my crew and I are more clean than your standard people out there.

Weird flying out of an airport that is closed and border closed.

I'll tell you one thing, Miami is not taking this virus serious.

I don't think I have COVID-19, but I'm sure I've come down with something. Blaming my roommate. He seemed sick for a bit. Damn.

It’s so nice to be at sea level and breathe clean air again.

Guatemala is alright. The sports bar I’m at is very american. But got to watch some great football ⚽️ and a lot of Gallo beer. Cheap stuff. Beautiful day.

Soooooo. My job is at risk here. Trump just blatantly fucked with the travel industry with no thought. This is over kill. And he’s about to pay for it.

It's 20°C (68°F) and Mostly Cloudy in Mexico City, CDMX. Well, that was a day. おやすみなさい

I’m pissed. We just got 4 more years of 🍊, but you made your bed. Sleep in the 💩 America.

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