Chinese Goths Protest Guangzhou Metro Incident With Selfie Campaign

Apache Helicopter Guns Down Boat Full of Somali Refugees Fleeing Yemen

“On Sunflowers, Sunlight, and Sovereignty” Something I wrote 5 years ago. (有中文翻譯:每個人身上的太陽花)

Bus drivers spotted stopping to check for pedestrians on zebra crossing in New Taipei City

Just catching up on Taiwan’s techno prince 電音三太子 who has become an important cultural ambassador for Taiwan (latest story had him performing at a Saint Patrick’s Day parade at a town near Dublin).

One Year Ago, America Stole My 7-Year-Old. I Want Him Back. (What is really horrifying are the large numbers of people who will vote for Trump again in 2020…)

Christchurch Mosque Attacks: A Public Syllabus - Added to my list of activist syllabi

5 Seriously Stunning Facts About Higher Education in America (I wouldn’t be too surprised if these findings hold up under scrutiny…)

How Conspiracy Theories Unite the International Far Right

RT @nathanwpyle: I post this one often because it is important to me

‘How to Spot a Jew’: Polish Newspaper Front Page Gives Readers Anti-Semitic Advice

Australia Aboriginals win right to sue for colonial land loss

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