RT @jasonjackson116: not commenting here, just noting this new statement from hau leaders. t.co/q57QwMsiEy

RT @AmericanAnthro: Reminder to all the attendees to respect those with sensitivities and remain fragrance free t.co/B7QaWuRxFE

Dolores Huerta, in her opening keynote at asked us to remember the names of the UFW Martyrs: t.co/f2fCt5nikb

I only got to watch the first half of “The Big Call” 《猜猜我是誰》on the plane, but if you’ve been waiting for a blockbuster action drama about Chinese phone scammers… t.co/6YlFACmz7x

UT San Antonio Prof called the police on African American student who had propped her feet up on the seat in front of her t.co/pUf5sopffZ

RT @Yoga_Selection: Here is the sequence for this weeks advanced class on t.co/cmTlPTCDaZ. The class includes a sequence of poses that will help to improve mobility in the iliotibial band, quadriceps and… t.co/J0qpxSNM2M

“These guys have found a way to see through walls using ambient Wi-Fi signals and an ordinary smartphone.” t.co/b4b8OOPudZ

Young Activists Go Missing in China, Raising Fears of Crackdown t.co/pFd87BIYa1

How colonial violence came home: the ugly truth of the first world war t.co/nrq3570LuI

If the United States had open borders, how many immigrants would come? t.co/8NT8PZBAgx

Octavia Butler on “company towns” in science fiction (Parable of the Sower): t.co/hRf66zRJsq

“Texas is home to some of the biggest cities in the country – all of which now trend blue” t.co/iLc8k5Qi0A

‘the Democratic Party’s “centrist” candidates were far more liberal in 2018 than they’ve been in past cycles’ t.co/6eAR4ShRXl

Colorado Abolishes Prison Slavery in Huge Win for Prisoners Rights t.co/C4Ox9fHPio

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