Lychees and Longans Could Become Impossible to Get at Any Price (OK, that’s the last straw. We have to do something about this climate change thing!)

RT @brianhioe: Seen on Little Thunder 門小雷's Facebook page

More on CCP’s use of thugs, from last year: “Nice Democracy You’ve Got There. Be a Shame If Something Happened to It.“

Tiny Apartments and Punishing Work Hours: The Economic Roots of Hong Kong’s Protests

RT @pybaubry: Guys, I think you should listen the soup Ko Wen-je is selling about Hong Kong (starts at 8:45)

Banqiao Senior High School to allow male students to wear skirts

Cooperation Between Police and Gangsters in Hong Kong Draws Parallels to Taiwan

2014 New Yorker article about the use of thugs by the CCP. Newly relevant because of today’s news from HK, but a common phenomenon in Taiwan as well.

To Make It to the Moon, Women Have to Escape Earth’s Gender Bias

@thocpodcast Here is the NY Times piece she was referring to in that Tweet:

@thocpodcast I think a lot of women would be up for it, given the chance.

Google Translate can now recognise written te reo Māori and translate it

Hundreds of Astronomers Denounce Arrest of Native Hawaiians Protesting Thirty Meter Telescope

Something Just Broke In China As Repo Rate Soars To 1,000% Overnight

高教工會銘傳大學分部正式成立!Taiwan Higher Ed Union – Ming Chuan University branch was established!

Google AI Created It’s Own Child AI, That Is Superior That Man Made Models (And so it begins…)

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