RT @BlogKerim: China Is Leasing an Entire Pacific Island. Its Residents Are Shocked. t.co/QIOiUmuqS7

RT @BlogKerim: Roxana Quispe Collante Makes History Defending PhD in Quechua t.co/Xo25yJAWLV

RT @BlogKerim: China Is Exporting Its Anti-Muslim Strategy to India t.co/4qe0Va4OFA

RT @BlogKerim: Japan Spent Mightily to Soften Nature’s Wrath, but Can It Ever Be Enough? t.co/kcbh8LhiuU

Is Biden an idiot or a liar? He either knows this is a misrepresentation of how universal medical care would work, or is too stupid to understand it. Either way, he shouldn’t be our president! t.co/5Z8U2srVkh

RT @BlogKerim: Do not call the cops if I am in distress: Signed, a black man t.co/IBZYMununl

RT @BlogKerim: Audrey Tang, the digital minister of Taiwan on Digital Democracy in The New York Times t.co/kgGRb0XZzl

RT @BlogKerim: Digital dystopia: how algorithms punish the poor t.co/9MlXjVBECA

RT @BlogKerim: Ecuador deal cancels austerity plan, ends indigenous protest t.co/RCxqru1TJm

RT @BlogKerim: General Strike Against the IMF Shuts Down Ecuador t.co/D5wR7twK9o

RT @BlogKerim: Taiwan’s Human Rights Miracle Does Not Extend to Its Southeast Asian Foreign Workers t.co/MjTXu1mFgN

The ‘Glass Floor’ Is Keeping America’s Richest Idiots At The Top t.co/3fn7th6btG

RT @hilaryagro: For most of America's history the workers were literally slaves t.co/53TNdwF29u

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