Can China fix its runaway housing market? (Interesting article from November.)

Everytime I struggle to get a non-sweet drink in SE Asia, I wonder why everyone doesn’t have diabetes? Oh, wait…

5 years on, 132 scholars & 18 civil society groups urge China to release Uyghur scholar Ilham Tohti

RT @kjhealy: It's like the Nixon-Elvis photo, except in a universe where Nixon and Elvis have fused into a single organism.

Dirty air: how India became the most polluted country on earth

‘Extremists’ like Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are actually closer to what most Americans want

VLC media player has not aged well. Really happy to see IINA offering a good free open source alternative. If you watch a lot of video on macos you’ll want this!

On The Navajo Nation, 5,000 Workers Dependent On A Federal Paycheck

RT @dizhsanabani: All 10 episodes of Dizhsa Nabani are available online now: The series traces efforts of community members to sustain & revalorize the use of the language in the face of anti-Indigenous discrimination.

It’s Not a Government Shutdown. It’s a Right-Wing Coup.

Listen to Siouxsie Sioux’s absolutely magnificent isolated vocal track from “The Killing Jar” (One of my all time faves…)

British subtext: Half of Americans wouldn’t be able to tell that a Briton is calling them an idiot

RT @EthnoFilmTaiwan: Submissions are now open for TIEFF 2019!

Nine Things You Need to Know about the Unist’ot’en Blockade

First Nations Pipeline Protest: 14 Land Protectors Arrested as Canadian Police Raid Indigenous Camp

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