day winding down. was kinda productive and fun too

cooler today I don't mind. Heat wave abated for now

rainy friday hopefully suppresses the heat

hustled a bit. ate the good breakfast. now i study a bit

was mad foggy this morning. something definitely came out from the mist. lol

getting my healthy eats on. pomegranate, protein plus

internet speed test on raspberry show much slower download and upload speeds than on a regular laptop. hmm

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(a space for bad moods)

Some words emerge
fully formed,
stormed from birth
as they were
from the tempest
of bad moods,
a snarl and a snake
hidden in the open
of oft used rooms


Inspired by an exploration of the word in The Cabinet of Calm (Soothing Words for a Troubled World) by Paul Anthony Jones

17 year cicadas puts everything in perspective

got a windows laptop yesterday. what to do with it

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Some towns in Scandinavia use the heat from their crematorium for heating houses


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