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James D Morgan @ke5mkt@mastodon.xyz

This is a small Catholic Chapel on the former
Fort Stanton in Lincoln County, New Mexico

An old barn found near a cabin we stayed in Doty, Washington in Lewis County, WA #barnporn

Found this little guy in one of the ancient pueblos near Mountainair, NM

I am making my famous spaghetti tonight. I guess it is world famous. I have made it in Mexico, the United States, and the Republic of Texas.

I thought I had disabled the dang autocorrect on this phone. It is coming up with some weird words for what I misspell

Insurance agent was here Wednesday night. One of my sister's was here Thursday night. The other sister was here last night. Furniture delivery people and plumber were here this morning. I am peopled out.

The Snake Hunters in downtime

I am amazed by people that can solve the Rubik's Cube properly. The only way I could ever get them in order was to tear them apart and reassemble them.

The Mrs just showed me a video on Facebook of this Chinese kid with 3 messed up Rubik's Cubes. He juggles all three of them. That is amazing in itself but after a couple of minutes of juggling the cubes are all in order! It is a boring video but the feat is amazing.

Those danged alley cats that live in our yard are finally earning their keep.

My drains are backed up and I have to call a plumber out and this is the weekend. This is going to be expensive.

Ok so out of stuff using , replaces Twitter, replaces Instagram, replaces YouTube. What is there that replaces SoundCloud?

Ok boys and girls, Motherboard by @lostnbronx was fun. This is not my usual brainy/nerdy/high falutin literary fare but it reminds me of old Saturday matinees at the theatre. I can recommend giving it a listen. It was a great way to spend a couple of hours. downloads.cavalcadeaudio.com/s

Ok going to listen to "Mother load" by new friend @lostnbronx right now. See y'all in a couple of hours

I had a brain fart the other day to expedite my never-ending quest to learn . I thought that I would remove every program that is not Emacs or Mplayer (I must have tunes!) from my computer. But I think the has striken so I may want to keep and a web browser.

In an odd instance of sychronicity last night, what I thought was going to be me dealing with a crisis in my sister's turned out to be that she wanted to show off her new hobby- photography. Then a little bit later Pixelfeed (for which I have been waiting) opened up for registration. Odd coincidence? Conspiracy? Fate? Kismet?