Wooha! 400 patreons & just hit $3000/m; €500/m on #liberapay: this goes straight to keeping Matrix alive. THANK YOU! patreon.com/matrixdotorg

It's again!

This time I suggest something that's not complete and available yet, but I really want to see it succeed!

The Librem 5 by @Purism will be a smartphone designed to respect your privacy. It will run completely free (as in speech) software by default but it will be able to run many different Linux distros.

There is a crowdfunding going on with only a few days left and it's looking pretty good so far! puri.sm/shop/librem-5/

Much 💙 to the people at Purism! :)

It's nothing fancy just yet, but we're on Mastodon.

Visit us at puri.sm/ to learn about our privacy, security and freedom respecting line of Librem laptops.

Additionally, we are running a crowd funded campaign for the Librem 5 smartphone located here puri.sm/shop/librem-5/

Monday, October 2nd. Midnight-to-Midnight (Pacific). 24 hours of Lunduke. Live.

No sleep. No. Sleep.


Hello #Mastodon! 🍍

You and your friends need to know about this amazing #libre game engine 🎮, so watch, boost and spread the word! 🗣


#GodotEngine #FOSS #gamedev

*9:30 AM*

Me: "Oh man, I didn't want to sleep that long."

*go out of my room, see my flatmate*

Flatmate: "Good night!"

Me: "Good night!"

Me: "..."

Me: "wait."

Norddeutsche, oostnederlandske and syddanske Freunde, #GodotEngine and #OpenHMD will be waiting for you on 15/16 September at the Kiel Open Source and Linux Days in Kiel, Germany:


The time has come: WIDGETS HAVE LANDED in Riot 0.12, with Jitsi-based video confs, final Rich Text Editor & more!! 🎉🎊matrix.org/blog/2017/08/23/int

Another !!

I think nobody mentioned RenderDoc yet 😱

RenderDoc is a graphics debugger for most common graphic APIs, like , and .

It's a really cool project and it already helped saving so many hours chasing bugs that were really hard to find, so I definitely can recommend it!



Blender cube, extrude, extrude, extrude, triangulate, subdivide, smooth, smash into , triplanar, normal map, rim, fog, voila mastodon.xyz/media/KzH8Vd1_9gB

We started a #Patreon to support the development of #GodotEngine!


As arguably the best #FOSS game engine out there, you should definitely check out the video showcasing the upcoming features in Godot 3.0!

Actually my biggest #LibreMonday feat this week was to make the #GodotEngine issue tracker on #GitHub use 5-digit identifiers: github.com/godotengine/godot/i

It's a *huge* improvement to our workflow and credibility as an industry-relevant game engine!

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We recently released the first alpha build of Godot 3.0, with a brand new state-of-the-art physically based rendering (PBR) engine and tons of new features :)


#gamedev #gaming #FOSS #crossplatform

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