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Okay, how cool is this? That’s gran turismo 2, for PlayStation 1. Realtime, without slowdowns.

Technology is madness.

So the mailman showed up at the door today with the package that was supposedly delivered yesterday. The good news is that this means I have my FunKey-s, the bad news is this means the mailman is probably doing some sketchy stuff with registered mail 🤷‍♂️

So apparently my FunKey-s is supposed to have been delivered & signed for, but I got nothing. I wasn’t even at home during the time the delivery is supposed to have taken place. Checked mailbox: nothing.

This is just *beeeeeeep*

No clue what triggered these thoughts, but I do notice a positive difference in their behavior, but more importantly, my own as wel.

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The acknowledgment helps them understand their own emotions better, the explaining helps them understand some things are important and why.

For example:
“I know you’re upset that you cant use the PlayStation, but I asked you 3 times to stop hitting your brother and you didn’t listen. He’s little and you can really hurt him”
“Stop it! … That’s it! No PlayStation”

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For years I felt like a very bad father for my children, and I know there was a lot to be desired. For the last year or so I read some book about how to be a better parent and 2 things made a huge impact:
- acknowledge your kid’s feeling
- explain when you say no/take a decision that impacts them

The dreaded time of the week is here: what will we eat this week?

I make a dinner plan for every work day (mon-fri) and while it helps me a lot, it’s always a bit of a struggle to come up with good ideas for 2 adults and 2 kids. I wonder how other people solve this…

If you have nothing nice to say, just shut up.

👆that should be a law imho…

I went to the store and bought some nice beer and snacks and I was soooo looking forward to tonight. Then I remembered I’m actually on call this week and I don’t drink alcohol during that. So I declare this Friday evening ruined.

Sorry for this, please take a voucher for an awesome Friday evening on another day 🎟

I need more fun in my work-life. There, I said it.

I’m bored and am not doing things I love anymore. Guess I’ll have a word with the boss to see what he has to offer.

summer, and the end of it + some strong language 

Reasons to be sad summer is over:
- dark early
- cold all the time
- outside activities canceled because of weather

Reasons to be happy summer is over:

Questions everybody asks me when I tell them I 3D print stuff:
- what do you print?
- oh, something recently broke, can you print me a replacement part of X? I’ll pay you of course
- it takes how long to print? Wow… that’s long!

So it’s completely official now. I’m a soon-to-be-divorced person. Guess I’ll have to stop thinking ‘how could we ever tell the kids’ and start googling it.

Oh, my math was off, value should be 98.9. That’s actually a lot less worse. Now I don’t feel too bad about never having done this.

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Today was the day I learned how to calibrate my e-steps. Old value was 93, measured value was 126.7. Yikes.

This is completely my own fault of course, I never watch videos about how to print things decently, and my prints where never bad enough to question my default calibration. And whenever I have an issue, I only search on how to fix that issue. I guess I’ll search for a getting started guide after ~2 years.

Thoughts of me getting older, best to ignore 

Things I mis most from my childhood:
- it being normal for 10year old kids to wander around: I wish mine had the same freedom as I had
- not being connected all the time: this is given me so much pressure all the time. I tried turning off my notifications but my wife is mad and offended when I don’t answer soon
- related: news was a once a day thing: now it’s unavoidable all day
- acceptance: no worries all the time, I was far better at just letting go

I’m not one to post comics or lots of images, but this had a HUGE ‘me too!’ reaction and I simply wanted to share that feeling with the world

Some good news: my FunKey-s is shipped, the new black filament and the other stuff for my ender 3 is also on its way. Seems like I’m going to be quite busy this week. Hopefully 🤞

Back into the office and let’s be honest: I missed being able to talk to others, out loud, without a headphone. When I do this at home it means the plant or the maoi 3D print on my desk messed up.

I drove 4.5hours today and it was awesome. When you take the scenic route, the journey_is_ the destination ❤️

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