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I went for a test drive of the Audi e-tron and the Skoda enyaq IV and I was kind of impressed by both. The audi did feel a lot heavier and quieter. But I wished they would bring Saab designers back to make an electric car. I simply loved the ‘no distraction’ mode for night driving, and simplicity is so awesome if done right. Also: I swear I’m not a car freak so it’s rare for me to talk cars, but that should probably be obvious by the Saab preference…

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My public Minecraft server running on a raspberry pi is online

Feel free to hop on

@CarlCravens Same, not all the time but I definitely could use more than the none I have now. 2 Hours of commute a day does sound excessive. I’m lucky because my one-way commute isn’t even 15minutes, so I’m willing to endure that 2 or 3 times per week.

One of the issues I keep having with mastodon is finding nice people & people with similar interests to follow. Lots of toots are in a language I either don’t speak/read or I am uncomfortable with. Sure, I found some really interesting people but I’m probably missing out on tons more.

Remember that toot stating I was ready for winter? I wasn’t joking around.

@CarlCravens I can relate, but I really mis the real human contact.

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No Nuance November 

Unconditional love does not exist.

I’ve been waiting for >5 months on firewall rules now, and the PM of the project just asked me if I could create the firewall rules because there are people waiting for them and they are getting a bit annoyed.


Why is it not weekend already?

“Hello good evening, this is X from the NOC team, I’m calling you to inform you I have 23 priority 1 incidents for you”

Damn, am I glad he called the wrong person and I have nothing to do with that. Bullet. Dodged. 😅

I’m taking up Jacques Torres’s advice: life is uncertain, eat dessert first

My breadpudding is awesome 🥰

I must confess: I’ve never seen all lord of the rings movies. I only watched the second one because of insane social pressure. I started watching the first one years later and it never clicked so I turned it mid-movie.


@Juju some people will never understand how it feels to be lonely, while surrounded by other people. Lucky for them, sad to hear you're not one of them. Hang in there!

Yesterday I made tasty slow-cooker goulashsoup and now I’m making breadpudding. It seems I’ve gone full winter survival mode.

Now, where’s the gluhwein… 🤔

I’m probably slow, but unsliced bread really stays soft forever. Another advantage of the TooGoodToGo adventure I kicked off last week.

Today is goulashsoup weather. Hurray!

My toe just did an audible ‘crack’ noise and it hurt like hell. But now I’m able to move it a lot smoother than before and all pain is gone. I’m not convinced this is actually a good thing as arthritis runs in the family.

@brainblasted TimeTrack, TimeKeeper, TrackMyTime and long but might be okay: What did I do? 🤷

Today I found out a coworker has been ‘investigating’ an issue I accidentally fixed last week Friday. It has been under investigation for 1.5 weeks now. I guess that solves the question why we get so little work done… 😬

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