Before the kids go to bed I always talk a bit about stuff. Today that stuff was ENIAC, the first real computer. They where impressed it could do in 30seconds what a person could do in 20hours, but more impressed by the fact the computer took up more space than the house. Since they are the generation that grew up with video calling with the thing in your pocket, it’s normal to be inconceivable for them…

@CarlCravens that’s odd, or at least it’s not a common thing here. Anyway, hope you get some nice reviews yourself.

@CarlCravens who gets the review of your boss? The boss above the boss?

I just finished the hobbit trilogy and the last 2 ones where less enjoyable for me. Overall I’d rate LOTR 6/10 and the hobbit 6.5/10.

Sent letter to end lease of the house: ✅

So I finally watched lord of the rings last week. This week I started with the hobbit and it’s quite different. LOTR was a bit meh imho, the hobbit was quite enjoyable. Of course I still need to watch 2 more movies but I hope things stay like this.

@CarlCravens I always wondered about trash pickups and sinks and stuff. Or does everyone simply finishes every drink, coffee or tea completely? And what happens with the empty cups and dishes? So many questions…

Me: can you please let me know what you want to eat next week?
Ex: yup
Me, this morning: so please let me know what you want, okay?
Ex: yes, I’ll think and let you know
Me sending text 2hours before: so I made the menu but left some stuff open, please check before I go to the store
Ex: ah, yes, I’ll check right away
Ex, after I improved, went to the store, unloaded everything and am cooking dinner: do you think the youngest will eat that? I don’t think so!

My eldest son will go on a school field trip and the sleepover is always brutal on him, so I’ve bought some very soft earplugs and went over his breathing exercises again. I really hope this will make his life easier… I really believe kids these days don’t have it easy, and everyone deserves a happy childhood.

It seems like the current way of meeting new people is via dating apps. I’m not sure I like this approach, but 20 years ago I almost exclusively dated girls/women I met on IRC. So I’m not sure if it’s simply me getting old, or me getting old.

@davidskg10 an apple cut into pieces, a couple of spoons of muesli on top of that, some cinnamon and then 2minutes in the microwave. Cover with some low-fat yoghurt and 🎉

You know that funny image of that captain saying ’what a week huh’ and the other guy goes ‘but it’s only Wednesday!’?

I’m really living it this week.

@martijnbraam I’m always amazed with the speed and possibilities it has. Really awesome tool

Is it weird I’m already looking forward to the sandwich I’ll make for lunch tomorrow? I’ve bought some nice smoked salmon, young lettuce, carrots and shallots. That and nice vegetable soup I just made.

Damn, I’m hungry 😔

@Hanuwu There was a 404 when following that link, just a heads up. Also, sounds like you had quite some fun with the compilation 😉

I’ve decided to leave this decision to future me and have a beer.

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Do I eat the leftover from yesterday that I don’t feel like but can just grab out of the fridge, or do I order the thing I like but have to go out for to pick up.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

I realize this sounds a bit strange probably, but I feel writing regexes is a lot easier than xpath queries. There are so many possibilities and built-in functions in xpath, and I simply don’t use it enough to be fluent. I probably do 2-3 very simple regex a week, so most of the time I actually get them to work on first try.

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Whenever I have a problem, I see if I can write some code to automate it. I need a new place and was tired of searching listings manually so I wrote a scraper that’s going over listings. For getting the data out of the scraped html page I’m using XPath queries. That means I now have a whole bunch of other problems and the original problem is pushed back!

Yak shaving for the win, I guess

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