Remember that toot stating I was ready for winter? I wasn’t joking around.

Yesterday was _not_ a good day and I really didn’t feel like going for a walk. But that feeling is a trigger that I really need to do it because it will be good for me, both mentally and physically. It worked, and I did a 8k walk and felt a lot better.

The hardest part of exercising is almost always the first step out of the door.

Okay, how cool is this? That’s gran turismo 2, for PlayStation 1. Realtime, without slowdowns.

Technology is madness.

I’m not one to post comics or lots of images, but this had a HUGE ‘me too!’ reaction and I simply wanted to share that feeling with the world

Hmm, that’s not a completely accurate print I guess…

Well, that was a nice walk but it left my feet hurting. The new shoes should be walked in now though…

Today was also the day I 3D printed some spaghetti. First time ever it messed up this much, guess I should have added some rafts or printed it sideways.

Today was quite a ‘steppy’ day. Burning almost 1.7k calories is a nice plus, I’ll have to do this a lot more often to lose the weight I gained this summer.

I got a raspberry pi 4 and installed octoprint on it. I also found a 2$ usb webcam I ordered on aliexpress a decade ago, so now I can follow prints from everywhere. This has been a huge increase in 3D printing enjoyment ❤️

Who needs a calendar to track holidays? I just open the weather app and it tells me I have a week off!

When I was young we didn’t have Netflix, Disney+ or any other nonsense. We watched defrag.exe and gasped like no other when it had to start again because too mutch changed since the start.

bragging pokemon 

This has to be my luckiest trade ever. I won’t even calculate the odds, I’m just mega impressed.


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