Adguard's new announcement gives the ability to block all ads on Web and apps without any apps installed or vpn running, on any connection (WiFi and mobile) just by changing a setting in Android Pie. : Android

Des avis sur la question ?

@kalvn ça marche super bien et ça me libère Blokada que je devais relancer tout le temps sur Android 9

@angristan @kalvn
Oh. En mettant à jour mon Xiaomi A2 lite il est passé sous Android 9 😍😍😍

@angristan @kalvn
Oh il y a besoin d'installer un navigateur yandex ou Samsung. des avis ?

@angristan @kalvn Did you find out what kills blokada in the first place? I have the same problem on my Samsung S7 and thought it's a battery-saving option (that I didn't find yet) that kills Blokada repeatedly.

@angristan @kalvn Also there's a setting in Blokada to "keep Blokada active", but I didn't test that yet.

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