I have never done it before, but I figured I should give the route and configuration caching a shot on one of my applications on the production server.

Holy balls, I should have been doing this the whole time. Pages load so fast that I am waiting for the network cable to burst into flame 🔥

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Being awake is for losers with stuff to do. I say it’s nap time.

The frontend guys and the backend guys are finally starting to mesh. Progress!

Somewhere out there are a bunch of SpaceX folks who get to go home and tell their SO that they not only launched a rocket, but landed it as well.
Meanwhile when my SO asks what I did today... dishes?

Youtube stream was choppy and stuttering at 480p. I set up a quick VPN through DigitalOcean, now stream is buttery smooth at 1080p.

Dammit, I thought we were past this.

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I just discovered you can block people on Discord. My life just got a little bit better.

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A friend of mine submitted her first speedrun of a game today. Makes me happy.

be like:
from job import whatTheCustomerWants

I have the motivation to get work done, but no energy to do it.

I think I need to drag myself to a coffee shop and recaffeinate.

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I went on a lovely walk yesterday and learned all about a neat kind of fish.

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