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A friend of mine dropped their phone in the toilet.

How do people manage that? Wouldn’t it just land on your laptop?

My design sense is a perfectly tuned tuba falling down a flight of stairs.

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I did a dirty in . Not proud of it, but the factory must grow...

I hate hot weather.

When its cold you can always adjust the number of layers you are wearing. When its hot, you can only get so naked.

TypeScript is what JavaScript should have been.

Fight me.

My code is like a gay wedding. Sure, there might be more efficient ways to go about the task, but they wouldn’t be half as fabulous.

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Anyone have hands on experience with the Onyx Pro? I really want to pull the trigger on it but am a bit hesitant not being able to be hands-on with it.

How does it feel? Pros and cons?

Coming up on the next significant milestone for the project I am working on. It’s great to work with folks who share your passion and it really makes the days fly by.

Had a strange OCSP stapling issue earlier that took down a little over a hundred sites.
How dare the provider of the free SSL certificates have downtime. I want my money back!

Just deployed a patch to a software platform. 1800 lines of code added, 250 removed.

It crashed and burned (and sank into the swamp?)

So I did a hot fix to master. That one burned and took the site offline (then sank into the swamp).

But this commit! This one did not burn down or crash or fall over (or sink into the swamp)!

Total tally for the expedition is about 200m credits, but more importantly the new sights to see and fun with other CMDRS. Now to refit and get back out there...

I have never done it before, but I figured I should give the route and configuration caching a shot on one of my applications on the production server.

Holy balls, I should have been doing this the whole time. Pages load so fast that I am waiting for the network cable to burst into flame 🔥

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Being awake is for losers with stuff to do. I say it’s nap time.

The frontend guys and the backend guys are finally starting to mesh. Progress!

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