estoy poopin 

health issues 

The phone app on my iPhone keeps crashing.

The literal phone part of my phone is broken.

FFS Apple.

I am slowly taking mass from the hills and filling in the valleys in my groups Minecraft server. Going to see how long it takes for someone to notice the ground is flat.

I used machine learning to help fine tune the parameters for another machine learning model I am working with.
The result? 98% accuracy and an over-fitted model.

Back to the drawing board...

Today I learned all about TF-IDF transformers, and how to use them to filter sparse matrixes.

Also, my head hurts.

I’m sure these two developments are unrelated.

Thinking about my next meetup talk. I am a bit torn between machine learning and trampolines. Thoughts?

Heading out early tomorrow morning to pick up the puppy. I discovered my SO has packed it a lunch.
She is adorable.

I got some news about getting some dental work done.

I finally found an office that will tell me how much they are going to charge before the procedure, and they accept my insurance.

The bad news is they are 458mi away, and its still going to cost me about $800 after insurance.

Land of the free my ass.

I really liked my business trip to Chicago for IRCE. Not somewhere I would like to stay, but definitely a place I enjoyed being.


Queries running slow. Guess ill just have to index all the columns.

Hey @TheKinrar && @status, all good? Seeing a bunch of 502's on media items. Can't toot with media attachments either.

Anything I can do to help?

Do you ever wonder if pets have named their owners? If so, what do you think your pet has named you?



A friend of mine dropped their phone in the toilet.

How do people manage that? Wouldn’t it just land on your laptop?

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