Adult language 

My faction has a ship named Karen. It was so named because "she is a bitch to handle."
We discovered another faction with their own Karen, so named because "she took the fucking grids."

I wonder if there might be something to the name...

Whatever deity decided that the nerves for the tongue should be routed under your wisdom teeth, teeth that will eventually require surgical extraction, needs fired.

Recursive-Neural-Net status update:
`in the beginning, 000i 0000R0t 000000t ti000000 3ti000000 ti000000 3ti000000 ti000000 3ti000000 ti000000 3ti000000 ti000000 3ti000000 ti000000 3ti000000 ti000000 3ti000000 ti000000 3ti000000 ti000000 3ti000000`

Early morning coffee shop code is best code

I cannot find my hair brush and feel a sudden urge to burst into song.

Any MariaDB Galera cluster pros in the fediverse? I am having a SST transfer issue and dont know where to start troubleshooting.

There is something wrong with these "good and plenty" candies. They are too colourful and come in a box named "Mike and Ike."

The frequency of spam calls has really gone up the past few days, back up to around 40/day

The best part of learning how to ride a motorcycle in is slamming against the nearest wall at full speed.

I had forgotten about the night-time people of Walmart. What an experience this is...

pro tip:
Reduce your failed test percentage easily by tossing in a bunch of `$this->assertTrue(true);` in random places.

I think I finally got the hang of Cataclysm DDA. I love it, and it’s kicking my rear.

estoy poopin 

Aparently my dog things that me closing the door so I can poop in peace means he is unworthy and I will never love him again.

Poor idiot. I love him, but he is pretty darn dumb.

health issues 

Mouth feels like it’s full of bees. Jaw stiff and sore. Ears ringing. Temple throbbing.

Mouth infection - 2/10 - do not recommend.

The phone app on my iPhone keeps crashing.

The literal phone part of my phone is broken.

FFS Apple.

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