Got a self hosted instance up and running

I'll be migrating over to:


@claudiom added openBSD to my laptop last week. May even make the jump oven on my desktop as well.

Thinking about spinning up a instance on my site...

I'm a big proponent of self hosting...

But will it just sit there???

@kensanata Groff has less "features" but to me is easier to use than Latex

@kensanata isn't that always the case for us hackers πŸ€“

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@jrswab I also started using
To protect against javascript that doesn't respect users freedom

@Coneng Totally agree which in why I'm playing with W3M and Surf. I'm getting close to 100% Google free.

@kreyren I used to think that too but its not bad at all once I started playing with it. Plus we are able to create macros in Groff (not sure about Roff) that help us simply the more crazy stuff and make our own syntax if we want.

Been a big fan of for a long time...

Used it in blogs, notes, etc. for it's easy of use.

But yesterday, I decided to learn Roff () and am now really debating on switching to that.

Its not anymore intrusive for my use cases and it comes with all like operating systems that I use.

Heck, it's even in the Utils...


@Coneng I've been using brave (based on chromium) but starting to migrate to W3M for daily browsing. It's not feature rich but its good enough for most of what I do.

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Just listened to an episode of the Hacker Culture podcast by @jrswab about BSD, and it made me decide to take a look at BSD again! I'm pretty excited!

@JonYoder it is but what I'm doing is more or less focused one URLs. Such as if it it a video poly it with MPV.

Just playing around with the idea currently.

Working on a "plumbing" utility that you can set to open links and files in your default programs.

Currently, it opens videos in MPV and links in your default browser.

This is a POSIX shell scirpt so it will work on any UNIX like system.

(Sorry Windows users...)

P.S. - thinking about writing it it Go or C so you can build a binary.

@GreyLinux @blabber totally going to check this out. Set up my own XMPP server for friends and family a few weeks back. Thanks for sharing.

Use "youtube-dl" to grab copies of copyright free music?

Check out this wrapper I whipped together for unix-like operating systems.

Let me know if you have any ideas to make it better. This is only version 0.1.0 after all.

I grew up with an SNES and never played Earth Bound. Started playing Earth Bound tonight. I'm already in love with


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