What is tmux? Tmux stands for 'Terminal Multiplexer' and can do things like have several terminal applications running in the same window.


@claudiom Good sleep is the best part of any day. I find that no matter how many hours I get (past 6 hours) I am awake and alert if I sleep straight through. Which I normally do at this point in life.


😍 😍 😍

I am looking to up my pen game. I have been on the ol' Lammy Safari for a few years now. Solid pen for sure but you know the itch I'm sure.

Dankon pro la postiro @JonnyKreas ! Mi ŝatas vian Esperantan musikon. (Mi nur komencento πŸ˜… πŸ€“ )

Window managers create the look and feel of your programs as they appear on screen. Linux allows you to install whatever type you'd like.


@matt @AsteroidMiner I use Dvorak and am currently learning Esperanto πŸ€“

Sources claim Google holds 40% of web traffic; throw in a few, ISPs and our internet looks like the only grocery store in town. No options.


Securing our digital devices is very important in today's mobile internet age. Here are some first steps in securing your Android device.


My journal can't hold my blog posts. So I use note taking apps for creating and storing this content. Here is what I think about Notion.


@spacekookie I have been moving off it slowly. It's a shame that so many people rely on Discord to contact me. πŸ€”

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