Tails 4.5 is out!

> Tails now starts on computers with Secure Boot enabled.

🤓 👌

@christianbundy aw gotcha, I must have misread. Sorry about that.


Yes! We should all use Markup!

It's what I use on my blog and it's very easy to add the necessary bits when composing a message or document.

I believe it would translate very well when an email needs emphasis. The quote syntax is already used in emails anyway.



Do forgive me for not verbalizing this very well. I don't mean to say that just because I choose to use a mail client that shows me the source of the HTML that I want it banned.

I'm just advocating that we stop trying to make email do more than it was intended. Email is a messaging service. Complicating it with web elements in beyond it's scope.

It's just my opinion that keeping email to plain text simplifies the service for everyone.

By "most of the time" I was referring to when I get HTML emails.

@christianbundy @sir

This is the kind of message I get most of the time. To me this is far from worth my time to try and find the actual message I was meant to receive.

@christianbundy, my example was short to save blog space.

If you would see the HTML emails I get in plain text you would know what I mean.

I got an email from DHL about a shipment and it was so littered with HTML tags that I would be foolish to waste my time trying to find the information they were trying to give me. @sir

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@christianbundy @jrswab they DO have to be. HTML gives you more than enough rope to hang yourself with, and web designers will and are hanging themselves with it - or rather, are hanging us. Plain text might have infrequent and rare issues like that - easily resolved with sufficient context - but these are _rare_. HTML is a nightmare always and already. It's thousands of times more complex.

Ark is how the creator says it in the video on the website.



I too have set my (work forced) Outlook client to only send emails as plain text. I don't send many emails for work though.

HTML email is bad and should be considered harmful.


Shout out to @sir for all the useful information on useplaintext.email

I'm now using email lists to send updates on new videos, blog posts, and other things. This way I don’t have to play to the algorithms on the platforms I create within. (This is not an issue on Mastodon)

Because of this approach, I can focus on tech content that teaches and informs others.

More information:

To date my most viewed blog post is a walk through on how to play Dwarf Fortress in the terminal.

If that does not show my target demographic I don't know what does. 😅 💪 🤓


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@brown121407 I consider myself a Go enthusiast because the language fits my thought process the best. What I mean by this is that Go feels the most natural to me.

This is why I block so much stuff when browsing and chose to use sites with as little of a footprint as possible.

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