When your work laptop decides it wants to take 45 minutes to update Monday morning...

(I'm looking at you MacOs...)

Finally started a new project; a multi-UI status bar written in Go. Still thinking of a better name...

You can find it on both and

Good morning! Here is some coffee 😁
Bonan matenon! Jen iom kafo 😁

A few days ago I opened up my RSS reader and saw a post by Eric S. Raymond titled Stop whining and get the job done. After reading his post and hearing what he is doing I wanted to share my story.


My love of tech reaches into every part of my life, but over the past two years now I forced myself into the analog.


I can't image how terrible this must be on mobile. I promise to never do this on my blog, ever.

😒 😒 😒

After some thinking about the current state of social media and mass email lists, RSS came to mind, and it's actually a much better alternative for privacy.

No data collection, no feed manipulation, no email newsletters.


Create. Quit.
Create. Quit.
New project. Old project.
Change platform. Hustle.
Change platform. Hustle.


For a long time I was a blogger on a self-hosted domain, and much of that time it was on this exact domain. Then I found out about one day after looking over new to move money into and thought it was a great idea.


A new episode of the Hacker Culture Podcast is fresh and ready to serve! This week it is all about the exchange called .

👉 anchor.fm/hackerculture

*New Blog Post:*
using is needed to keep the server cost low. However, the content that is uploaded to these services, unless it is backed up to another IPFS node, runs the risk of disappearing.

This is the problem of persistence.


I used to avoid the language; then I forced to use it and now I can't get out.

It also make me feel like I know something about programming. So I'm not sure if I learned anything from C++, Java, JavaScrip, etc. Or if python is just that easy.

🤔 🤓

Leveled up my nerd rank with this beast today. So stoked to get this up and running!

More hacking to give the creators a decentralized way to host their files and pay the nodes that support them!

Live tonight exclusively on DLive 👈🔥🤓

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