I really need a better desk and chair.

This poor posture is creating tension headaches way more often now that I have a remote job.

@jrswab A good chair is indispensable 👍 I tried to do with kitchen chairs before I got a decent enough office chair, and it made a real difference. Desks I don't care as much about, aside from being able to adjust the height; while my chair's height adjusts much more easily, there are limits to it and I need to adjust the desk as well for full control & comfort.

@lj_writes @klaatu totally agree! I probably need to drop about a 1000 USD just to get close to what I had when I worked in an office.

At least my new company will reimburse me up to 500 USD for office upgrades. So that should help.

@jrswab I never understood office chair culture until I started working from home. Suddenly all the seemingly ovwr-designed office chairs and prexisoon-measured desks made sense. Also I now have a greater appreciation for Facilities departments.

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