Well, I'm on Void now...

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@djmoch took a wrong turn and now I don't know how to get home 🀣

@jrswab I tried it maybe a year or two ago? I really liked it from a technical perspective. I ran into an issue multiple times where the servers were compiling binaries or something and you couldn't upgrade or install any new packages until it was done. Which would take hours to days until I was functioning again. With no ETA. You just had to wait and keep trying. That got really annoying after the second time it happened and I was ready to move back to something less finnicky.

@kelbot My system keeps stalling out on Arch and I (for some reason) don't want to use Ubuntu so I'm trying other distros. Would be funny if I just end up back on Debian like I ran for years.

@jrswab Stalling out on arch? In what way?

Ubuntu isn't my cup of tea either.


It freezes up

I thought I was a Manjaro thing so I installed Arch proper but the same thing happens. Tested Ubuntu for a week or two and in never happened...

memtest says everything is good.

@jrswab Hmm, strange. I'm interested in how you get along with Void. I might be interested in giving it another shot if the issues I had are gone.

@kelbot Compiling ST is already more of a headache than I wanted lol.

But I'm sticking with Void for a bit to give it a fair shot.

@jrswab @kelbot I had this on arch a bunch, it was from an audio driver. I never found a solution but it hasn't happened for several months now so I hope it's maybe fixed here
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