After some thinking about the current state of social media and mass email lists, RSS came to mind, and it's actually a much better alternative for privacy.

No data collection, no feed manipulation, no email newsletters.

@jrswab I'm a huge fan of RSS. Still the best way to consume content without algorithmic shenanigans!

I love RSS. I am maintaining #Newspipe ( since 9 years. So far I've collected something like 250,000 articles ;-)

@cedricbonhomme So the gitlab site is the latest code? Also, JARR == #newspipe ?

I am thinking about hosting an instance for me with sqlite on and wondered what was the latest in docs and code.

@PresGas yes, latest code is on GitLab. JARR is the previous name.

@cedricbonhomme Thanks for the quick reply! Is it safe to assume that sqlite would allow multiple users? I think I would have just me as the user, but want to log in to mark read, etc.

@PresGas yes, multiple users won't be a limit for SQLite.
Let me know if you have a problem.

YO, yes!

This week I unsubscribed from so many email newsletters and switched to a site's RSS feed instead. It feels great.

@albijuli Nice! I am building up my RSS as well and as for email I am much more picky. I had to abandon my gmail account because its too far gone.

Plus I like privacy 🤓

@jrswab @albijuli

Would you guys considering the RSS conversion tools to be publishing API with push notifications ?

JSON for data exchange is common for system.

@barronbig Got a link to more information? Sounds interesting.


We could copy the rss raw and convert to this. I got this inspired and looking into the server program for such conversion.


We could apply modules to extract the rss feeds via developing respective modules using node.js

@barronbig @jrswab

um I just use Feedly? (I'm still not over GReader.)

It hasn't happened in a while, but occasionally I'd get the odd Web site that just won't RSS right and I'd have to get creative, but that was the extent of my tweaking.

@albijuli @jrswab

No worries. we can find more people to develop. You can provide more details about your user experience.

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