Proposal: Firefox Sync functionality in Thunderbird 114 should be called "Thunderbird Sync."
I've posted this argument in @thunderbird's public discussion forum. Feel free to add your thoughts:


@killyourfm @thunderbird

It's a reasonable request (and, it's weirdly nice to see Sync finally living up to one of it's potentials.)

I'll broach the topic internally and see if we can get consensus.

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@killyourfm @thunderbird (FWIW)

Also posted to the topicbox thread, but presuming it needs moderation, but in short:
1) FxClient will probably stay "Firefox Sync"
2) syncstorage-rs could be "Mozilla Sync" since it doesn't care.
3) We still need FirefoxAccounts (points to old scars for reasons).
4) Server team is very small, the old stand alone server is fragile, we'd love help from interested parties in making a new stand alone server.

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