The Fry’s in San Jose is suuuuuuuuuper depressing, y’all. I thought the one in Campbell was bad but nope! This one is worse!!

@bnys OMG I was there with the family last weekend and my wife said about the same thing. It's not only that there aren't any customers, but the shelves are half empty and what's on the shelves is old or some weird off brand. The Campbell and Sunnyvale ones are pretty much the same. The pricing in the stores is disgusting too. Movies are often priced above MSRP. I wonder how they keep those huge stores open with so little foot traffic, I wonder if it's all a money laundering front :)

@mookie yeah who knows how they stay in business?? I’m guessing they own most of their own buildings. It’s sad since I used to at least think Fry’s had decent selection (even if the sales reps were pushy) but it makes me appreciate and miss the Micro Center I frequented in Cambridge MA.

@bnys I totally miss the Micro Center that was in Santa Clara in the Mercado shopping center with the AMC Theater. It was open back in the day when I was working at the Yahoo buildings at Mission College so I could go window shopping at lunch.


@mookie @bnys

Well, that's depressing as all get out. Granted, I've not been to Fry's in a while, mostly because I've not needed anything, but still.

And I just found out that my favorite stationary stores are closing too.

@jrconlin @mookie all the good stores are either trash or dead (RIP Weird Stuff)

@bnys @jrconlin When I was at Yahoo, I worked a block away from Weird Stuff, it was fun to walk over and just pick through all the crazy stuff they had there. When I was in college, I worked at Computer City, which was a decent computer store. I then went to work for a Japanese retailer named T-Zone which opened across the street from the original Sunnyvale Fry's store. Halted also closed its doors awhile ago. :(

@mookie @bnys

Part of me wants to power up that capacitor.

The rest of me is terrified to.

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