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New game you can play with your loved ones: claim various celebrities are dead, invent plausible reasons.

“Let’s watch that Barbra Streisand concert tonight.”
“You know she died. Fell off a horse.”
“WHAAAAA” *frantically Wikipedias*

So, I tried watching that Marie Kondo show with my wife. We watched about 10 minutes of it and just turned it off. Mostly because we were both chanting "THROW OUT YOUR SHIT" at the TV.

There might be good info in there somewhere, but it's buried deep in a non-stop horror show.

Kind of like if they brought in a super chipper aerobics instructor to give cardio advice to people in a slasher film.

Sigh, first ride after winter to see what shape my bike is in.

And my knee.

Looks like the bike is in better shape.

Honestly, the whole "NPC" thing kinda cracks me up. Maybe because I'm old and remember the games it comes from.

Those guys aren't heroes. They're kobolds. They exist solely for the DM to show a new player how the system works and to gather up XP. (Plus, they've got a big enough ego that they think they're a Level 3 monster at least.)

Sure, it took 50+ years, but finally giving up on a toxic family relationship.

can't say I didn't give it a fair bit of effort.

Honestly, I never thought I'd be happy finding out I just have a cyst.

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The #GiletteAd is really simple, and uncontroversial: don't be shitty. Anyone with a strong negative reaction to it is to be regarded with deep suspicion.

Everyone hates process until they understand why it exists and how it can save your ass.

(If you don't understand why you should do something, find out. Also, understand that you may not always be the beneficiary, and that's OK. Makes it possible to reciprocate when you need to cover your ass.)

Same restaurant and there's a table where a ~6 year old is reading Calvin and Hobbes. So, yeah, I like this shop a fair bit.

Hawaiian restaurant is offering "mashed taro" as a side.

It's poi folks, and it can be a bit of an acquired taste, but, hey, good for them for getting folks to try it.

At this point, I can say with great honesty: Don't go the "Smartthings" route.

Or do, but realize it's pretty much all-or-nothing. While it's theoretically possible to use Smartthings using a USB adapter, it's not super stable and kinda crap.

Stick with z-wave. It seems to just work a helluva lot better.

I need to come up with "personal goals" for work. I don't think they'll be happy with the one I normally have: "Remain employed for the next year".

I probably should do something about my paranoia and personal pessimism, but they're so warm and comforting. Like snuggling with a den of angry, rabid badgers.

"Working with crypto is a constant reminder that I should never work with crypto." He says after finally getting an obsolete but heavily used EC derivative working because no other sane person wanted to do it.

Microsoft to reserve 7GB of drive space for updates, temp files, etc.


Not sure I'd even notice, to be honest. Granted, C: pretty much is the systems to do whatever with. Just like with unix, I don't store important stuff on the system drive. When the OS pukes, it doesn't take my stuff with it.

So, have at, redmond. Less crap files for me to clean up every month.

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“Under the leadership of @MitchellBaker, Mozilla fought tooth and nail to fight for people on the web through litigation, legislative advocacy, and product development.”

Expect more of the same this year.

t.co/CYHmOpZ3BF tweeted by @mozilla

Heh, my 3 star review of a UniFi AP got rejected because I note that the device tries to connect to "http://unifi:8080/inform"


Again, I frequently need to remind myself that when I discover a problem, I need to look at my code first.

Granted, latest bit has to do with crypto, so that's a pretty reasonable thing to presume.

As a side note, it sure would be delightful if it were possible to port an install to a new disk without doing an unbelievable amount of reverse Jenga directory manipulation. I already always keep /home on it's own partition. (probably should do /var and /usr, but good lord there's a lot of system pollution that gets in those.)


After Superman vs Batman and the "dark & gritty" version, kinda appreciate that DC is going a bit lighter for movies like Aquaman and Shazam.

Just waiting for things to come full circle.

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I was talking with my wife about Christmas in current (Western) societies and now I have a question for you again! :)

Personally, do you

a) celebrate Christmas because you want to celebrate the birthday of your savior Jesus Christ that happened ~2k years ago?
b) participate in traditions linked to Christmas (tree, gifts, chocolate or similar) as a form of cultural practice?
c) neither celebrate Christmas nor participate in corresponding traditions?

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