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*checks watch*

okay i'm calling it now

bright ass rainbow leds blasting up into your eyeballs from the filthy crevices *between* your keycaps (why??) instead of helping you to observe the legends on them, are officially passé, we can stop doing those


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"rust is the vegan crossfit of programming"

-- TJ DeVries

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BBC commentary of Kim Jong Il's funeral procession laid over footage of Queen Elizabeth's. Fits like a glove 😱

The spouse is watching the proceedings for the funeral for the previous royal hat rack.

It's all about the Magic Hat.

They even refer to the office as The Crown.

Hell, they drove it over to open Parliament last time around.

Honestly, just get a well appointed hat stand on wheels and save everyone a lot of time, effort and drama.

I will admit that I might be a bit passive aggressive about pointing out to neat AI demo projects that they might want to watermark so that their demos aren't abused.

But honestly, not sure at what point Marketing fist pumps when hearing "Officials say the perpetrators used the free XYZ tool that lead to the fatalities."

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UKpol, personal safety, logistics 

If you weren't around for Princess Di's death: the UK was effectively paralyzed as a functioning entity for about a week. Stores closed, airports a mess, supply lines strained, etc. The same thing may not happen this round, but if you're proximate to any kind of precarity - putting off refilling that prescription, haven't bothered with groceries, whatever - and you have the means to prepare for a week-long shutdown, you should do so as soon as possible.

Honestly? I feel bad for the corgis.

Yesterday, top of the world.
Tomorrow, sold for meat.

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If you use Let's Encrypt, thank Peter Eckersley, who just passed on.

My condolences to my colleagues who worked with him on Let's Encrypt and other projects that moved the Web forward.


Sent a slack message to someone where I riffed on Ozymandias to explain how incomprehensibly dumb I was.

I may have imposter syndrome, but it's elegant and stylish.

Apparently reasonably good tequila and Trader Joe's carbonated LimeAde is a pretty good combination.

I also recommend a 75% dark chocolate accompaniment.

But that might just be this past week talking..

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US peeps: If your income is at or below 200% of FPL (or you rely on SNAP, Medicaid, WIC, SSI, FPHA, VA Pension/Survivor, Free/Reduced School Lunch, certain Tribal Assistance programs, etc) the Affordable Connectivity Program can help with your internet bill ⤵️



Have the folks involved with creating a lot of the Web3 stuff actually ever worked on an open source project, like, ever?

I keep seeing folks making pretty classic mistakes like: Presuming that qualified people will magically appear and work for free, that only Good Things will ever happen, that people who create stuff do so are capable and well intentioned, ...

I've talked with a couple of junior engineers at Large Orgs now. They're smart, but really lacking a lot of core skills they should have at the point they think they're at.

Kinda wondering if working for multi-billion dollar social media companies might be doing more damage to their career than I thought.

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@emma I remember seeing someplace (reddit?) that folks wanna replace "quiet quitting" with "acting your wage", and that sticks with me.

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If you're looking to engage and help steer Firefox, then Mozilla Connect is the place to go!

I suspect you have a _much_ higher likelihood of being heard here than on Reddit, Twitter, tech news site comments, some random phpbb forum on the web, etc.

RT @firefox@twitter.com

Help us shape the future 🔥

Introducing Mozilla Connect — a collaborative space open to everyone to submit ideas and join conversations moderated by our product teams.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/firefox/status/155

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