🦀Also Heads up Rustaceans:
🦀1.58.1 is out.
🦀Update again if you need to.

Honestly, I am kind of mixed mind about NFTs.
Minting, trading, and owning are terrible ideas, each for a litany of reasons.

Marking or charging people to show off their NFTs, however, I could care less about.

It's giving folks the ability to showcase their $10,000 diesel powered Beanie Baby, and me a way to judge their financial savvy without having to talk to them.

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Hey, so that person who deleted all his GitHub repos?

Dude has a history of problematic behavior which is behind a lot of what happened.

There's legit reasons not to use GitHub, but I don't think what happened in this case was one of them.

If last week was the yearly equivalent of a "Friday",
This week has been a 7 day stretch of "Monday".

I'm confused about coin bros complaining about free browsers.

I thought they were all about needlessly paying for things?

(or is the problem that they can no longer use their imaginary money and have to use actual cash?)

Honestly, crypto currencies seem like a really bad way to learn about economics.

It's like learning about electricity by tasting it.

Kinda hits the nail on the head about a lot of the Web3 crap I've seen:


We already have a lot of "decentralized" (Blogs, Mastodon, RSS, etc.) Half the population don't want to set it up, and the other half want to gate-keep it. Calling it "web3" doesn't change any of that.

Crypto (the bad kind) 

If folk are interested in a lovely detailed discussion of this... thing:


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Crypto (the bad kind) 

The Poe runs deep here.

I want to believe this is satire, except that there's a real DAO that is trying to start up a chain of country clubs, and it's just about the same mentality.


evangelic asshole 

Growing up, I used to catch Ernest Angley on TV every so often. He would preach & "faith heal", & otherwise convince people to send him their last $5.

I never blamed the TV station that carried his show. I understood that they were a business too, & were at least honest about things.

So, when he came on, I tuned him out & waited for what I wanted. I also did my best to better the world regardless of whatever he preached.

I don't know why I was thinking about that recently.

I did not expect this year to start off with "convince myself to stay" as a significant point of discussion.

Also, apparently I'm influential?


For some reason, i feel like I now need to figure out how to parlay that into selling mattresses, home security systems, or socks in the middle of Slack threads or something.

Ah, the fun of office politics is that you have no idea when or how they'll come back to haunt you.

But you'll know the sort of angry/depression that you'll feel.

So, there's that.

So tired of the "Career Development Plan" crap.

I qualify for retirement community living. At this point, my career goal is to be relevant enough not to be laid off as a cost savings measure, and hopefully make it to actual retirement.

(I'll also note that for various reasons, I've been stagnant at my level for years. I'm tired of constantly trying to convince the new management of my value)

Save me the "wonders of career growth" or whatever. Frankly, not interested at this point.

Are we sure that Maki didn't set that fire on his way to Daly City?

I mean, if you ask me, that's a Lemur with arson on his mind...

Watching this build over the years has been fascinating and educational as hell. Not just about music, but about projects, learning skills, acknowledging mistakes and a host of other things.

And here, he breaks down why "5 nines" isn't enough, particularly for a physical device.


Honestly, going offline is an innovative way to deal with accusations of censorship.


Because a few folks here might not know about this, and could find it useful.

1) Even though every sociologist and psychologist tells you "Never trust your gut", there are times when it's right, and man, does it ever remind you.

2) "The right thing to do" is hard to justify without prior data, and brutally easy to justify in hindsight.

3) Managing people isn't just cultivating them, it's protecting them from really shitty decisions that are later over justified.

This is why I have tended to avoid managing folk, mostly because every time I do, I regret it.

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