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If you're a developer and new to , check out the source code; it's open source and built with , , and (with front-end):

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@JPEG also, when I scroll all the way to the bottom of the settings screen, the app crashes (iPhone X, iOS 12.1.2, Mast 1.4.7).

@JPEG the Mast app hasn't been notifying me of anything lately (mentions, likes, boosts, etc.) I have notifications enabled. Is this a known issue?

This Fyre documentary (Netflix) is stressing me out.

@mperham I switched to the QC35s. They are much better. πŸŽ§πŸ‘

Apparently ElastiCache Redis doesn't support custom `rename-command` config as described here:

The most I've found on it:

I was *really* hoping to succinctly mitigate the scenario of "developer accidentally types flushall into the wrong console".

A while back I mentioned that I was starting a new email newsletter for Honeybadger:

It's finally here, and I've been doing most of my writing over there.

Sign up if you're interested, it currently goes out every Monday:

Sup Mastodon. This new Mast app is nice. πŸ‘

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Linux has been more stable than macOS for me lately. What world is this?

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A quick instance update :ruby: :mastodon:

As of now, we've blown way past the 500 users from a week ago, and are now at 673 Ruby-friendly folk. Welcome!

We also have 8 supremely-generous people/organisations contributing to the Patreon, which is now pretty close to covering the hosting costs. Update about that here:

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'lo everyone. I'm an oooold rubyist. Maybe you've seen me around? #introductions

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