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Hey guys! I didn't tear my Wonder Bread™ as I spread Wowbutter™ on it this morning. Its gonna be a good day.

Great thing about Mastodon is you can actually mention brands here without immediately being followed by 10 bots. 🙂

Also, I'm thinking iPhone XR 128GB in 🔴 (PRODUCT)RED.

Apple made a super-fun 108-second video summing up everything they announced yesterday and you should really watch it right now!

Giving my "OG" (Series 0) ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ one more software update (4.3.2) before it gets left behind by watchOS 5 and whatever new hardware comes out today.

Good morning, tootsville! Woke up to a nice surprise: Goaliath (my iOS app) is currently #1 in Canada for paid sports apps on iPad (and #10 on iPhone)!

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I turned @rmlewisuk's Toot Bookmarklet into a Workflow Action Extension so I can use it in other apps on iOS.


Robb’s Bookmarklet:

If you want to use the Workflow, replace “” in the Text step with the name of your Mastodon Instance.

I now have Mastodon pinned in Safari on my Mac. Shit just got real.

So... here I am on Mastodon. I like it!


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