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Apple fans often get accused of pretending Apple doesn’t make mistakes. Couldn’t be further from the truth.
We are usually the first to notice all the stuff Apple gets wrong. The difference is, we don’t immediately assume Apple is making mistakes because of sinister, evil motives

Goaliath 1.4 passed review and is live on the App Store! It always feels good to put out a new release containing features based on people's feedback. You just know its gonna make someone's day. 😊

Hey guys! I didn't tear my Wonder Bread™ as I spread Wowbutter™ on it this morning. Its gonna be a good day.

Great thing about Mastodon is you can actually mention brands here without immediately being followed by 10 bots. 🙂

Also, I'm thinking iPhone XR 128GB in 🔴 (PRODUCT)RED.

Apple made a super-fun 108-second video summing up everything they announced yesterday and you should really watch it right now!

Giving my "OG" (Series 0) ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ one more software update (4.3.2) before it gets left behind by watchOS 5 and whatever new hardware comes out today.

Good morning, tootsville! Woke up to a nice surprise: Goaliath (my iOS app) is currently #1 in Canada for paid sports apps on iPad (and #10 on iPhone)!

@chartier Amen. I stopped using Google as my goto for search a few years ago and haven't looked back. Been using ever since.

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@bigzaphod Got it... it made me sad too. Looking forward to Tooteriffic though! 😉

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I turned @rmlewisuk's Toot Bookmarklet into a Workflow Action Extension so I can use it in other apps on iOS.


Robb’s Bookmarklet:

If you want to use the Workflow, replace “” in the Text step with the name of your Mastodon Instance.

I now have Mastodon pinned in Safari on my Mac. Shit just got real.

So... here I am on Mastodon. I like it!


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