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The fallacy of taking time off, when you just end up cramming the same todo list into less time/sleep to compensate

Who has the best quality developer community+docs+news you’ve ever seen?

My shortlist so far:

Digital Ocean

A stunning sunset this Easter weekend in Cape Town - absolutely in love with this place

Spent the last week setting up a fresh instance of Discourse on - and it was a generally great experience (yay open source). I posted some thoughts about why we're moving away from Slack toward Discourse over on Twitter. I won't republish them here, but if anyone is interested here's the thread:

Now just need to move everything from there to Mastodon. Right?

What's liberating about Mastodon is that it's a fresh start - as much as anything else. I barely post anything on Twitter anymore because there's a lot of pressure. Always feels like you'll be clogging up someone's timeline, or chastised for saying something not appreciated by the thought-police.

SO. In that spirit. I'm going to test out using Mastodon fairly heavily / without self-censoring.

If it clogs your stream, feel free to unfollow or mute - I won't be mad

Have learned so much already today! Big thanks to everyone who has helped explain Mastodon basics, esp @MatejLach

Also found this a really helpful overview of the underlying tech / ecosystem:

@MatejLach btw if you have any recommendations for MacOS and iOS clients, just to save me a lot of time researching and comparing, that would be very welcome! 🤗

Oh I guess I can only see other people being followed by someone on the current instance. Hm. Any way to see a wider list of who they're following across any instance?

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Is there an easy way to see a list of who other people are following? Maybe silly question. But when I click on the "follows" tab, I can't actually see who people are following. There's usually just me and maybe 1 other name. Is there a trick?

I've been meaning to try out Mastodon for a long time, but I still don't fully understand how best to set it up and get a useful stream of toots. Anyone have tips for getting started and discovering great people to follow?


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