@ernie It's absolutely fine if you don't like it - that's completely up to you - but afraid the claims that we removed raw Markdown support, have not evolved support for addons or custom design/front-ends are simply not true.

@ernie The new editor literally contains the old editor — 100% of the identical features and functionality are there, and nothing has been removed. Every Markdown card is a full-featured instance of the old editor.

It's 2 keypresses to get access to the old editor if that's what you prefer.

Meanwhile there are also hundreds of integrations and the front-end is more decoupled and flexible than it ever has been for building custom design functionality.

@ernie It's objectively false that we removed Markdown, prevented any design functionality, or that at any point we "weren't in a good spot for a while" — what a bizarre set of nonsense to completely invent

@Gargron Thanks for sharing! Would love to chat about Fediverse some time :)

When Medium dropped our access to their API without warning a few months ago, we decided to permanently end our integration with them.

Today we're happy to launch a new integration with an open publishing platform that can't do the same, Ghost.

Read more on their blog: blog.ghost.org/admin-api/

(Thanks to @johnonolan and the Ghost team for reaching out and helping with the implementation!)

Lot of work went into making Ghost function as a fully headless CMS in the last year, very stoked to launch a lot of new developer tooling for the JAMstack architecture: blog.ghost.org/jamstack/

@jdormit wanna drop me an email? Got several ideas I’d be interested in your thoughts on :) john@ghost.org

@alcinnz encryption and climate change are 👌🏼 with me 🤗

@jdormit have read all your posts and seen the plugin :) However Ghost is not a static site generator, it’s a Node.js app with a full REST API

Flying back to the UK tomorrow for a 3 week Christmas break with friends. Fun, but after several months in Thailand... the cold is always a bit of a shock to the system.

@jdormit @mike @gwmngilfen @kev @codesections

Hi 👋

Not sure about a plugin, but how about core? :)

Let me know if you wanna chat about it

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