Just started hiring for some new and exciting positions at - Roles in marketing, development and ops. All come with:

🌍 Fully remote
πŸ’Έ Competitive salary
✈️ International retreats
πŸ’» Equipment paid for
πŸ“… 3 day weekends

Get in touch :)

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@johnonolan I just submitted my resume for the ops one.

<ego>It looks written for me.</ego>

Check it out, get in touch, let's make it happen.

@johnonolan Not relevant with the job ads, but I'm curious. It says that Ghost is a profitable non-profit company. How does this work? What is the difference between a for-profit and a non-profit company?

@sirodoht A non-profit company has no shareholders.

Therefor: The company cannot be sold in parts (investment), it cannot be sold in aggregate (acquisition), and it cannot distribute profits to owners (dividends)

Net result: A non-profit org can be profitable, but 100% of that profit must be reinvested into its mission. The money can't go anywhere else outside of the organisation to benefit any individuals.

The term "nonprofit" is terrible and confusing, tbh. Needs a better name!



Yes. Spot on. But a non profit can be profitable ish, as an enterprising non profit. It can generate profit, but as you mentioned that must be reinvested in the mission (this actually makes it more efficient, not less)... or the np can be revenue maximizing.. ie not trying to create an artificial surplus, but trying to increase activity/flow (& possibly impact)

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