My feed is way too quiet - I need more people to follow on Mastodon. Can I have some recommendations?

Esp interested in:

- Web apps / Open source
- Front-end development
- Startups / makers / sideprojects
- Journalism
- Dry humour

Actively trying to avoid:

- Political commentary
- Dogmatic views
- Social justice crusades

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@ellotheth Oh wow, I had not, this is really cool thank you! :)

@johnonolan Social justice crusades are probably the hardest to dodge here. Here are some developers / makers of things.

@cj @bjoern
@dansup @peter
@stephaniewalter @JPEG

@rpcutts Thanks! Except for the last one. I'd rather set myself on fire 😂

@johnonolan I've been tending to follow accounts with abandon. Then spend the next few days pruning back.

@rpcutts Yeah I think that's generally a solid strategy. Worked well in the early days of Twitter, too :)

@rpcutts @johnonolan @cj @bjoern @jdormit @dansup @peter @stephaniewalter @JPEG @amdt @mike @juliank @djsundog @aral Thanks for the shout-out, but you should know I’m actually really into social justice, so probably don’t follow me if that’s not your thing

@mexpat @djsundog @makingarecord Friendly reminder to un-tag people in threads they aren't responding to. Thanks!

@johnonolan, there’s the #ff and #followFriday hashtags where people make suggestions on who too follow.

@johnonolan I guess I match a few of these points. I'm starting a contracting business with my father. I'm very into free & Open Source software, and while I have some clear lines in the sand I don't like to be dogmatic about it. It's not effective.

And I've got three side projects: Odysseus, Memex, & Brix. The former two are web browsers.

When it comes to politics, you might see *some* in relation to climate change or encryption from me.

@alcinnz encryption and climate change are 👌🏼 with me 🤗

@tleydxdy @johnonolan I cannot disagree.

By the way I mentioned I draw a line in the sand in regards to free software, I'll expand. I think everyone SHOULD have the source code for all the software they run on the computers. But they have to be the one to value it, and I don't care at all about the software they have others run. That brings entirely separate concerns.

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