Tumblr announced they’re shutting down all porn - and we rank #2 for “Tumblr Alternative”. Site traffic is up +400%.

Going to be an... interesting... week.

Actually updated our site to redirect most visitors to Mastodon - which I think is way more suited to the use-case of people moving away from Tumblr and looking for short-form, nice content networks.

@danielhglus Thanks! Was quite an easy one - I hope maybe someone at Mastodon creates a dedicated instance and a guide to welcome Tumblr creators to the fediverse - I think it's a *huge* opportunity for Mastodon

@johnonolan @danielhglus Fediverse isn't just Mastodon - AFAIR @kaniini posted some Pleroma instances that might be suitable for ex-tumblrs.

@johnonolan It's gonna be interesting to see what happens over the next few days. Hopefully things will go smoothly.

@johnonolan Interesting. When I search for that, I don't see Mastodon anywhere. Yes, I know that different people get different search results, so my note is just a single data point of course.

@johnonolan Well, first hit is an article on refinery29 (I don't know that site). Second hit is Ghost what promotes themselves as an alternative to Tumblr

@loke and what does it say after the bold text in the intro on the Ghost page?

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