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Something not mentioned in this post that I'm very interested in, is using ActivityPub to connect different Ghost instances together - just like Mastodon. If anyone is interested in chatting about this, I'd love some advice.

@johnonolan i'm not sure if i have much advice to offer, but i'm very interested in talking about this idea.

@johnonolan (also potentially in contributing to the effort)

@rowan nice! Have absolutely no plan atm :) have you worked with ActivityPub much before?

@johnonolan i started writing a server in python last year! then actual work took over and it's been back-burnered ;)

@johnonolan Interesting, I'm currently implementing ActivityPub in Go for a side project and the standard is surprisingly well specified and straightforward to follow, I am not a JS guy, so I'll not be able to help with your implementation if you decide to do one, but for me the biggest paint point has actually been dealing with the dynamic nature of JSON-LD in a typed language, which won't be a problem in JS. My guess would be 2-3 months part-time to implement AP for an experienced JS dev.

@johnonolan The bigger question would be, what exactly would make sense to 'federate' in Ghost?

Probably Likes/Kudos/Claps? And possibly allowing comments for an article to be posted on any Ghost blog that Linked to/Boosted/Endorsed a particular article and these comments would then show bellow the original post too?

I guess maybe even allowing different articles than quote the original article, where the quoted passages link back to the original article?

Quite a bit can be done actually.

@johnonolan Did a bit of GitHub scavenging and found this, might be interesting to get in touch with the creator about what his ideas are.

@MatejLach sorry for slow reply :) in terms of what to federate... I mean the obvious answer (to me?) is users and posts - so basically everything. Can imagine it working quite similar to a hybrid between mastodon and a news reader - kinda

@johnonolan Sorry. More accurately, make sure Ghost works with (which it probably already does!).

look at the pterotype project, by @jdormit for inspiration.

also plume by @Bat.

also pleroma can consume articles written by both and function as a social reader. mastodon can as well in a more limited way.

happy hacking!

@johnonolan How would that work then ? Like WordPress where you have a list of WP subs ?

@andyc @johnonolan
Think this post is as far as it has got.

Could be interesting though. Blog community a bit like livejournal or used to be. Also following/comments possible from friendica / mastodon

@johnonolan regarding your question about activitypub and ghost. @matt and other folks at @write_as are probably the folks that can offer the most insight.

@johnonolan just discovered #GhostCMS and the discussions about #ActivityPub—sounds exciting!

I'm on #Medium, but looking for alternate platforms to run my publication, preferably ones that federate. Feature-wise, Ghost looks like what I'm looking for minus the #federation 👻

I don't know much Node or ActivityPub, but I'd be happy to try helping—perhaps I could be more useful on the ideas end. (I understand this is still in the way-in-the-future stage, but who cares 😜)

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