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Meine Tastaturbelegungen sind irgendwie schon sehr stark davon beeinflusst, was ich so auf Duolingo mache.

We made Bibim Naengmyeon (cold Korean buckwheat noodles in spicy sauce) with watermelon.

Gestern zum Schabbat-Abendessen eingeladen worden. War lecker.

I need more time to practice what is really important.

Now watching the Grand Re-Opening of the Public Domain live from the Internet Archive.

Weird food 

OMG, Korea. You have outdone yourself. Fish-cake soup (regular and spicy taste) in the form of tea bags! Soup from tea bags! Pure genius.

Maybe as a late Christmas present I received a super interesting comic book.


Home-made Kimbap (Korean Sushi rolls) with Sriracha mayo.


Curried salmon steak with whole grain rice and stir-fried Brussels sprouts.

Brussels sprouts have a bad reputation, but frankly that probably comes from bland cooking. Frying them in a wok with some spices (garlic, Indian garam masala, Korean gochugaru) and of course bacon makes them a magical side dish.


Kimchi bokkeum bap (김치볶음밥) is a super simple dish — it's hard to think of anything simpler. And the name is basically the whole recipe.

Kimchi is Kimchi, bokkeum is fried, and bap is rice. Just fry some rice with Kimchi. Done.

If you want a more advanced recipe, you can watch everyone's favorite Korean cooking mom:

Or you could just fry some Kimchi with rice.


Do you know what's it like to wake up with a craving that can only be satisfied with Thai Green Curry? I certainly do. So I went shopping.

Cilantro haters may have a hard time looking at this thing of beauty, but I absolutely love cilantro. There cannot be too much cilantro in this world.

The rice is full grain, but the rest is pretty original: tiny Thai aubergines, zucchini and a handful of shrimps cooked with Thai green chili paste in coconut milk. Was as delicious as it looks.

In Bonn gehörte der Laden zum Stadtbild. Wenn man Blinke-LEDs und Lötzinn bräuchte oder eine Handvoll Widerstände, waren sie da. Ist es Quatsch, wegen dem Lieblings-Elektronik-Krämer nostalgisch zu werden?

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