For me, it wasn't until 1992 that I actually installed Linux (as the OS was named by then). I remember working through an endless stack of floppy disks at an education center in Hamburg, Germany, where a few dozen people had gathered for the Chaos Communication Congress.

But the real magic happened in the following summer at a Dutch camping site. The kernel was now at version 1.0 and someone had written drivers for almost all PC ethernet cards. That meant you could do TCP/IP on your machine!

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The joke at that time was that eventually someone would port the X Window System to it. Many laughs were had, as everybody knows a 386 PC lacks the power you need for a graphical Unix workstation.

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During my first Linux installation session someone sitting close to me decided to play the album "Connected" by the Stereo MC's on repeat on a portable CD player. It's burned into my brain, to this day I cannot listen to the song without text terminal lines flickering by.

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