Because I'm lazy, hungry and like solidarity and labour rights, I just ordered food from Kolyma-2, the food delivery collective in Berlin.

It's fun and easy to place your order in a Signal chat. This is the cyberpunk platform cooperative future we want.

@johl looks really cool, except that the name brings worst associations ...

@saper I have no associations. What am I missing?

@johl Kolyma is a place in Russia known for one of the worst places in the Soviet GULag system. Similar initiative in Moscow could be named Дахау-2. I like the idea though; could be converted into a real city game.

@saper Thanks for explaining. I feel really uneducated for not knowing that.

@johl Früher hatten die Dönerschnellrestaurants noch XMPP, ein dezentraler Internetstandard.

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