Tea is great. Two or three minutes' delayed gratification is the sweet spot.

Good to be back in the UK for a bit. I was getting too used to the sun. Nothing like a dark, drizzly and frankly quite cold August day. It's reddit.com/r/raining/ in real life and it makes me happy.

It's lonely here without a home feed.. punishment for being inactive I guess *proceeds to toot to self to fill it rather than wait for it to regenerate*

What's up, Mastodon? Long time no toot. 🎺

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501,251 accounts
+1,579 in the last hour
+17,873 in the last day
+125,747 in the last week
1,296 active instances

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Wikitribune: Evidence-based journalism

"The news is broken and we can fix it. We’re bringing genuine community control to our news with unrestricted access for all. We’re developing a living, breathing tool that’ll present accurate information with real evidence, so that you can confidently make up your own mind."

Personnel: Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia Founder), Guy Kawasaki (Apple, Wikimedia), Jeff Jarvis (NYU GSJ), Lily Cole (actress).



Happy Monday! Another week to change the world, or catch up on email, or something like that. 😉

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So, while I was sleeping, the admin of mstdn.jp accepted a job offer from Niconico's parent company Dwango. He says there are no plans to merge mstdn.jp with friends.nico; but it does mean that both the two largest instances (which now are significantly larger than any others, no longer roughly the same as #3 and #4) are connected with Japanese media companies.

Also, mstdn.jp's total number of posted items is set to outstrip .social's soon, despite being a very much younger instance.

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Silicon Valley’s $400 Juicer May Be Feeling the Squeeze

Two investors in Juicero were surprised to learn the startup’s juice packs could be squeezed by hand without using its high-tech machine.


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I really, really hate people who attack others for caring about things, or for having strong opinions, or because they are passionate. It's teenager bullshit. It's how bullies work. It's why nerds have been the scapegoats in the past and it's why people who care about the environment or social issues are a target now.

Worst of all, it's lazy. If you're not passionate then you're wasting everything and one day you'll die and nobody will care. Roar.

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@NthTensor @sargoth

I thought about it more.

New York: 8.406 million users

twitter: 313 million users

New York is a complete and utter failure.


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watching my son try to decide which instance to join made me realise that we need a way to preview instances local/federated streams. So I made one: unmung.com/mastoview?url=masto


I have to say, after trying out a few different instances, that each has a distinctive feel, in both local and federated timelines. There are strange, analogue variations—almost like standing in different towns and cities and overhearing different conversations and languages, seeing different images, feeling different sentiments. Each atmosphere is special and unique. And this instance feels like home.

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Olympic medals should be given for the mental gymnastics performed by the presenters of Fox and Friends as they watched a 21-thousand pound bomb drop to the tune of "Courtesy of the Red White and Blue", declared that "this is what freedom looks like" and still thought "aye this is good, this is what a healthy society looks like, no problems here"

Just figured out how to find the em dash on Android—there's no stopping me now!

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Does anyone know who the admin of mstdn.jp is? And whether they need any help...

Typing toots in the search bar... must be time for coffee.

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