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When I notice a big insect that’s been trussed up by a spider I feel compelled to get a closer look, but I’m always half-afraid its head will snap to attention and say “k-k-k-ill m-m-e!”

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Installing Xcode to install a compiler to install Homebrew to install a compiler for keyboard firmware

Stabilizing a café table with a small wood shim I carry for the purpose. Get on my remote-work level.

Today in Hegel: the watersports of picture-thinking

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Oh, I'd forgotten about phrenology Hegel!

Mmm, lumps of Pure Reason.

Is there a German word yet for the feeling that what you just experienced was recorded, and will soon become a viral meme?

My cats are looking at this stack of flattened cardboard boxes like they're extras in 2001: A Space Odyssey

I have no idea if I agree with Evgeny Morozov’s proposal to create a city-oriented trust for private data, or even if I understand it, but it is *not* something I’ve heard before, and we desperately need some
new ideas.

What can I say, someone’s got to stan for Hegel.

“Thesis-antithesis-synthesis” is to Hegel’s dialectic as Dora The Explorer is to Mel Gibson’s The Passion Of The Christ (assuming you’re Mel Gibson)

“Consciousness, therefore, can only find as a present reality the *grave* of its life. But because this grave is, itself, an actual existence, and because it is contrary to the nature of what *actually* exists to afford a lasting possession, the presence of that grave, too, is merely the struggle of an enterprise doomed to failure.”
~Hegel, while experiencing a world-historical case of Sunday-itis

Flâneuring around a Pride parade while listening to the “Lordship and Bondage” chapter in the Phenomenology. (It’s the _best_ chapter, but not kinky at except epistemologically.) Suddenly, I’m filled with desire for a t-shirt that says “Queer For Cthulhu”

It all seems related, but I’m afraid to find the common denominator.

I’m filled with nostalgia for postmodernism.

Potential Tumblr idea: Amazon reviews by academics reviewing books in their area that are aimed at a general audience.

Starter quote: “The authors should stop using the word ‘discredited’ when they mean to say ‘theory we disagree with’”

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