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People are really starting to base their whole-ass identities around covid-culture. It is...something.

Aaaannnnnd we are LIVE!
For the next 3 hours, we are playing CUSTOM WRITTEN Quiplash and some new WHAT THE DUB. Come play with us!

Do you like MST3K? Do you like Cards Against Humanity? Good! Because tonight we will be playing two video games that are *almost* those things!

Join the weekly peanut gallery for drinks and laughs from 8-11pm EST tonight over at for a stupid good time!

If I called the word cheugy "hella dumb", would that be totes cheugy, or what? I'm totally cowabunga.

Youtube is so unbearable. I cannot fathom how people prefer that to TV/movies.

You gotta admit it would be a pretty good strategy. Has any cryptographer ever seen a piece of cipher and been like “yo boss, this is straight up nothing”?

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You have to wonder if people who write coded messages to evade capture are really writing in some kind of actual cipher, or if they’re just spouting a bunch of gibberish to keep the cryptographers busy and off their trail.

Pretty upset that just unfollowed me.
I wonder what set them off?

Tentative birthday plans being moved from my place to some sort of nearby bar instead. Stay tuned for more info (Oct 21)

Hello I ate a tarte tatin for the first time ever today and wooooowwww.

Why do they even need to test shit on the general public anymore anyways, don’t they have an army of clones growing in a lab somewhere? Get off my nuts for your data.

DUNE comes out the day after my bday. I want to seeeeeeeeeeee it.
I haven’t had a “cinema experience” in so long, even wayyyy before the roni.

You can tell all NYC (home) kitchens were clearly ‘designed’ by people who have literally never cooked a single meal in their entire lives.

Prepare yourselves now for what you would do if something similar happened at Amazon considering how much of the internet they host/control…

Someone named Harry Styles is playing MSG tonight and I am working right next to it. This crowd is 😵‍💫





Facebook users:

"Think I'll go check out twitter dot com"

Twitter dot com:



It was really all downhill after LiveJournal


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