To be fair, I BARELY use Spotify, so they never give me a cool "wrapped" thing, but go ahead and analyze this if you are feeling plucky:

Now I have to go home and get berated because the food I ordered for my husband before I left the house never arrived.

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I got so many nice compliments at this event that I just shot tonight or. “Your photos are so thoughtful and well composed “, “You’re so much nicer than our last photographer”, “You look like Jessica Chastain”…

Who needs someone to be told to fuck off today?
Hmu, I'm IN A MOOD. And I give zero shits.

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I told them I didn't want to submit any, and they said I was "being an unhelpful participant in my oral care".

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Why do these Byte people want so many motherfucking pictures of me and my teeth? They already have the physical MOLDS OF MY MOUTH. Having trouble trying to figure out why some phantom orthodontist needs to have any of my "cute selfies" to do their job.

How come the public transportation options in Google Maps (or any other app for that matter) EVER tell you HOW MUCH ANYTHING FUCKING COSTS?! How much is the subway ride, how much is the express bus ride, how much will this long train ticket up north cost???

Calling someone’s personality “the equivalent of a Hallmark Christmas movie” is such a sick burn😝

I want my funeral to be complete mayhem, just an all-out CIRCUS. Thx!

Archived the work IG (hid all the photos but kept the info/explanation/links in the bio). Personal IG will be next, but that one will be a little harder.

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The whole "I'm a trans teenager living in an abusive household" line is the new Nigerian Prince scam, straight up.

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I mean, I give everyone the same spiel regarding how everything works (even though there is an EXTENSIVE faq on my site for precisely this purpose), I just hate wasting so much time under the guise that this is a legit request when it turns out to be someone trying to defraud me.

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So whenever someone starts off their email to me with some kind of sob story, I assume they are trying to scam me until proven otherwise. Which sucks, because a lot of photo sessions DO revolve around something profound...a new beginning, a crossroads, the end of a chapter, etc

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Anyone who works in any industry is always going to get scam emails, the stories vary slightly, but the end-goal is always the same ("we'll send you a check for more than you quoted, you cash it and give us the difference")...

I can always tell my period is about to drop whenever I start hating music.

Who else keeps a perpetual container of pan drippins on the stove? My husband thinks it's gross, but I (& every chef) will contend that that's the secret ingredient to just about anything. He doesn't complain when he eats it tho! Middle class suburbanites are so weird...

"A MAN DESIGNED THIS!!!" I scream every time I put on, or take off, my headphones as it rips out half of my fucking hair.

Didn't realize it was "Giving Tuesday" until after I already donated to the, Vitalogy Foundation,, and 😅
Was wondering why I was getting so many solicitations hahaha. Oh well, it's okay :)

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