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Testing the waters out a bit on here, who should I be following? Looking for humor/comedy, tech, art stuff. Want to avoid politics, podcasts, redditors.

Just played my 2nd ever 99+ turn match on 😂😂😂

The 90s aren’t “back” until I start seeing bell-bottomed cargo pants.

Unpopular opinion: everyone who posts any video/s online should be REQUIRED to also include a typed transcript.

Unpopular opinion: everyone who post any video online should be REQUIRED to also include a typed transcript.

Someone please explain to me why folks in are so obsessed with overkill? I’m not talking about the card mechanic, but rather taking somebody out with a 15pt card when the hero only has 1hp left & lots of other options for how to die? Male ego, is my guess. Any data?

“Open floor plan” is just a fancy way of saying “we shoved some appliances in the corner of your living room, so that’s ‘the kitchen’ now”.

Aren’t all pets technically “emotional support animals”?

Lol at’s website that still says “© 2018” at the bottom 😂

Are there any protest songs about our data/privacy?

Currently stuck at 52nd/Lex station, so this is cool.


NBC News: It appears at this point that the large-scale power outage impacting approximately 20,000 in midtown and parts of the upper west side in Manhattan was caused by a tranformer fire at 54th Street amd West End Avenue, a senior city official says.

Situation is fluid.


I’ve heard a lot of contrived creative occupations/terms in my life, but “self portrait artist” has to be way up there in terms of “what the fuck” factor.

How do programs advertise themselves to people who...can’t read? 🤔

Learn something new everyday: Shirley Temple's daughter was the bassist for The Melvins.

A beautifully designed train station is truly a thing to behold

Is it some kind of internet requirement to put "coffee addict" in every single one of your bios? Grow an actual personality.

Between the long-ass winter and the never-ending rain, it’s like is never gonna get a proper spring this year 😞

Enter now to win a pair of 4-Day VIP Tickets to Lollapalooza 2019 -- plus round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations, an exclusive Lolla merch pack and more.


Taylor Swift Inspires Teen To Come Out As Straight Woman Needing To Be At Center Of Gay Rights Narrative


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