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Testing the waters out a bit on here, who should I be following? Looking for humor/comedy, tech, art stuff. Want to avoid politics, podcasts, redditors.

Aaaannnnnd we are LIVE!
For the next 3 hours, we are playing CUSTOM WRITTEN Quiplash and some new WHAT THE DUB. Come play with us!

Is there an online supplement shop that allows you to make a custom blend/choose your own combination of ingredients?

Gals, don’t you just love it when men refer to you (and your behaviors) as “just a numbers game”? Really warms to cockles of my heart.

Someone just brought a shopping cart on the subway 😂

All NYCers should have one of those medical bracelets that say “not Woodhull” on it 🤣

A lot of you post shit like "I have ADD and so can't focus long enough to wash a dish" and then in the next breath "here are 47 posts about this thing I am 'hyperfixated' on that I spend 18 hours a day obsessing over". How about you you fixate on doing your laundry?

I have both auto-correct AND predictive-text turned off on my phone, and always have. People tell me this is strange. What? To type correctly on my own, and not want an insipidly stupid AI try to tell me what to write?

Because, brother, I am telling you that NO WOMAN with an ACTUAL vagina has EVER thought, "you know what these pantiliners need? Some fucking icy-hot on them!".
I know, I just KNOW, this was the dipshit idea of some dude, somehow. Because there is just no way. No way.

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TMI warning:

Didn't notice that the pads I bought said "herbal" on them till I got them home, and figured "what the hell, how bad could it be?", but I should have known better after reading the bit that said "made by humans with vaginas"...

When you're feelin’ down
And there are no therapists to be found
Knock back a slug of whiskey
And do your best Zoot Suit Riot interpretive dance

This wasn’t a poem, and it won’t heal your ills. But it’ll shake some things loose, and at this point, that’s all you can ask for.

I don’t care what Twitter thinks, I’m probably gonna love Dave Chappelle forever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My favorite drink is the kind I don’t have to lift off the table. Put a straw in it and direct it to my mouth.

What is the grossest subway station in NYC? Is it Chambers?

“Do the right thing” is ALWAYS the rallying cry. And it ALWAYS works. You think you’re smarter than a nazi? Then say “no” to being indoctrinated like they were.

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If you see/hear some piece of corporate/govt media and think to yourself that “there is absolutely no way this could ever possibly be propaganda” then you are the mark, and it is working as intended.

Me getting rid of a Hearthstone quest that involves the battlegrounds...
Hearthstone: Oh? You like that, huh? Well, here is another one.

So I tried making a 'French Jazz' Pandora station (based on 0% knowledge) and have been listening to it on and off for a few months, but it turns out that I mostly just like Stacy Kent, and to a lesser degree some of the "hot club" stuff.

On that note, i find it hilarious that people are trying to make the spurious argument that the reason we have a 'worker shortage' is because 'everybody is dead', like....the VAST majority of these deaths were of people who have been retired for decades. Try again.

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