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For those overseas wondering what is going on with Australian politics, this man proudly holding a lump of coal is the new Prime Minister.

For those following along from overseas. Yes, Australian democracy is also a sham. We also have a corrupt two-party duopoly co-opted by special interests.

@icantthinkofanamethatsfree It's under appreciated (most head to St. Kilda Beach). South Melbourne and Middle Park beaches have been cleaned up. A bit chilly this time of year though.

By way of introduction, check out my bio and I've recently relaunched my website jimyiapanis.com.

I'm currently learning the craft of filmmaking in Melbourne, Australia. I consider myself a humanist. Countries, races, nationalities and religions are overrated (we have no comprehension of any of it in the first few years of our life). I've been vegan for 3 years (I wish the light bulb came on earlier). Arguments about veganism are quaint; to me, it's the least we can do.

Switched instances from mastodon.social to mastodon.xyz. I love the idea of open source, instances. A tip towards how an anarchist society could work.


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