Reclaiming an open internet that is controlled by no-one and everyone instead of a handful of Silicon Valley billionaires will take some time. Establishing a presence on Mastodon is the first step.

How important is the Mastodon instance you're on? Do you have accounts on multiple instances? How do you use instances when interacting on Mastodon? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Now imagine if all of the people attending climate strike became vegan.

"True character can only be expressed through choice in dilemma. How the person chooses to act under pressure is who he is - the greater the pressure the truer and deeper the choice to character." R. McKee

Assange is finished when it comes to public support here in Australia. They have successfully managed to smear and discredit him. Last tweet from @amnestyOz was in 2013.

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For those overseas wondering what is going on with Australian politics, this man proudly holding a lump of coal is the new Prime Minister.

For those following along from overseas. Yes, Australian democracy is also a sham. We also have a corrupt two-party duopoly co-opted by special interests.

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I'm currently learning the craft of filmmaking in Melbourne, Australia. I consider myself a humanist. Countries, races, nationalities and religions are overrated (we have no comprehension of any of it in the first few years of our life). I've been vegan for 3 years (I wish the light bulb came on earlier). Arguments about veganism are quaint; to me, it's the least we can do.

Switched instances from to I love the idea of open source, instances. A tip towards how an anarchist society could work.


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