Kamala Harris boasting about locking up parents for truancy.

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@Iconawrites @Info_Aus Do you think it's worth mentioning that Kamala Harris jailed poor mothers for truancy and laughed about it?


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Here’s the video of Clyburn admitting to George Stephanopolous that he purposefully chose the time to endorse Joe Biden to stop Bernie, because Biden would have lost

Fuck you @WhipClyburn. As a young Black man, this is why I hate Black Boomers, they’re always staunching progress

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"The important thing is that [] won't be making rude tweets ... He will be a Competent Grown-Up, like the daddy we always wanted. He will pilot the insatiable death machine with grace & decency, right into the homes of the world's most vulnerable"


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There's no "pushing Biden left."

There's only organizing outside the two-party hegemony and building leftist power.

I've been inside the system. It is designed to absorb and defuse internal threats.

Biden is a deeply flawed candidate who will advance Trump’s worst policies and then some. This is no cause for celebration. I’m sure Biden’s twitter feed will be a bastion of decency but lets be intellectually consistent when critiquing his Presidency.

Joe Biden on Israel
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Biden in 1986 on Israel. We should talk about this more often?

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Do you think Donald will leave behind a spare pack of man diapers for Joe?

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Which country will the US try to regime change first under Biden?

Joe Biden is to the US as scotch tape is to a broken glass.

Do you think Donald will leave behind a spare pack of man diapers for Joe?

Trump's lies are obvious and hamfisted.

The MSM likes to pretend they are an aberration, as if they don't traffic in more insidious ones under "normal" circumstances.

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The US has 800 military bases in 140 countries. It has a military budget larger than the next TEN nations combined.

Since 1945 the US has
attempted to overthrow more than 50 foreign govs
bombed 30 countries and invaded 37. twitter.com/verretor/status/13

If this occurred in the West it would be labelled a terrorist attack and condemned world wide.

Israeli terrorism is business as usual.
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Israel carried out its largest demolition of Palestinian homes in more than a decade on U.S. .

The Israeli rights group @btselem said it's not a coincidence.

Amazing thread which showcases British media hypocrisy and slander of Corbyn.
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There is a possibility Jeremy Corbyn will be Prime Minister of the UK by the end of next week. There is no better time to highlight how, no matter what Corbyn does or whatever position he takes, his critics will attack him - even if they totally contradict themselves (thread).

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